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For experienced and motivated real estate agents, a franchise company Germany offers many advantages as part of a partnership with E1 Investments Holding. Especially when you are looking for a new and exciting challenge in the large area of investment and investment real estate. With the franchise system of the Wiesbaden-based company, real estate dealers have exclusive access to more than 2,000 properties and properties as well as 4,700 active sales profiles. In addition, with a network of more than 121,000 people, you are in valuable contact from the industry. The cooperation pays off. In this way, the broker saves money and time for lengthy real estate acquisition and research of so-called off-market objects. In addition, the search for solvent and interested real estate investors will be significantly shortened.

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Even with little capital, high returns can be made through the strong partner E1 Holding. This is achieved thanks to the large network, the valuable contacts and above all the high-quality objects. This allows real estate agents to earn a secure income with off-market investment properties. An entry into the exciting business of investment real estate is easy and direct. Real estate agents can quickly start as a franchise company in Germany and make the first successful deals. The brokers receive a license from E1 Holding and can keep and continue their existing office. Through the cooperation, they benefit from the numerous investor and business partner contacts. In addition, you have complete access to the extensive investor databases. In addition, contracts, forms and documents prepared by renowned lawyers are available for the purchase and sale of off-market properties. E1 Holding also has very good contacts with various banks and building societies in order to successfully finance customers. With the E1 marketing and sales strategy, brokers finally get a tool in their hands with which they can successfully sell and sell. All real estate contacts as well as offers from the off-market sector are available in this way only from E1 Holding and are absolutely exclusive. As a franchise company, brokers gain a very large market advantage for companies in Germany. In the end, E1 Holding has a stake of only seven percent of sales, leaving the broker with much left over from a successful purchase or purchase.

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The days as a lone fighter are over with a participation as a franchise company Germany within the framework of E1 Holding. To date, the company, based in Wiesbaden, Hesse, has branches at more than 40 locations throughout Germany. Many real estate agencies and their clients are already benefiting from the cooperation. As an experienced real estate dealer, you can use your experience very well within this network and can therefore start very quickly as a franchise company in Germany.

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