Property prices Berlin and market forecast: location analysis

General Property Market Information on Berlin

Property Prices Berlin | Germany’s capital, Berlin, with its historical past, offers many places worth seeing for people from all over the world. Furthermore, as the political centre of the country, Berlin is one of the best economic areas in Europe. As a result, companies repeatedly decide to locate their business in Berlin, making the city more attractive. For these entrepreneurs, Berlin offers a distinctive economic landscape, an optimal infrastructure and a wide range of suitable commercial properties.

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Residents Key figures Berlin – Property prices Berlin

E1 Holding – Real estate investor Berlin | Germany’s capital Berlin, with 3,574,830 inhabitants, is one of the cities with the highest population density. The population level changes from year to year, with several thousand new residents joining the city every year.

This includes many young adults who qualify for jobs in the diverse job market. With an area of 891.68 square kilometres, the city is considered the largest in Germany. Berlin was first named a major city in 1747, making it one of the oldest major cities. At the same time, Berlin is also one of the sixteen federal states in Germany.

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Accessibility & infrastructure of the city of Berlin

Property prices Berlin | As expected, Berlin has a very advanced infrastructure. Around Berlin, the A10 motorway runs along the Berliner Ring. Then there is the A11, which runs northwest towards Hamburg and Rostock. The A113, on the other hand, runs to the southeast towards Dresden and Cottbus and starts at the Neukölln junction, where it joins the A10 at the Schönefelder Kreuz junction. The A100 forms a motorway semicircle and runs partly through the city and is therefore also seen as a city motorway. Apart from road traffic, Berlin naturally also has train connections with the Ice to other large cities. Furthermore, there are two airports, namely the international airport Tegel and the airport in Schönefeld.

Real estate prices Berlin | Key economic figures Berlin

Property prices Berlin | It is obvious that Berlin as a capital city offers many economic advantages, with many large companies having their place. With its well-developed infrastructure and advanced telecommunications structure and an innovative research landscape, as well as in the IT and biotechnology sectors, the city is an excellent location for companies.

Furthermore, the capital attracts more and more highly qualified specialists and executives, thus enabling companies to enrich themselves. Furthermore, Berlin is also highly regarded by the media industry for its creative industries. Apart from this, Berlin has an excellent location, as the city is in contact with Central and Eastern Europe. The unemployment rate in the city is 10.6 percent (2/2016), with the highest rate in Germany being 12.4 percent, which puts Berlin just below the average.

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Real estate and investors Key figures Berlin

E1 Holding – Immobilieninvestor Berlin | Basic real estate data

Property prices Berlin | If you decide to invest in a property in Germany’s capital, we recommend the best residential complexes in Grunewald, Mitte, Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg and Prenzlauer Berg. The vacancy rate in Berlin remains very low at 1.5 percent (20014). In addition, the current rent index for apartments with 60 to 90 square meters (built from 2013) is €8.93 per square meter. Please also read our article on renting property.

Top residential areas


Real estate portfolio Berlin

The total number of buildings with dwellings and occupied accommodation is 318564. 310941 are buildings with dwellings without dormitories, 6217 are other buildings with dwellings and then there are 581 dormitories. In addition, there are 825 inhabited accommodations. Read also our article on property financing, property funds, and how to maximize your property returns.

Also discover the other cities, such as Reutlingen, Köngernheim, Wiesbaden or Salzgitter.

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Investment in real estate: forecast for Berlin

Real Estate Prices Berlin | Berlin is probably the only German city that attracts with such great potential. The capital has been developing rapidly since the fall of the Berlin Wall. More than ever before, Berlin stands for a city of contrasts and cultural diversity.

Added to this is the high concentration of e-commerce start-ups in Berlin, which is unique in Europe. Many young high earners from all over the world are attracted to the capital. Together with many other factors, this ultimately leads to Berlin being considered the most attractive city for investment properties and real estate in general.

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Property Prices Berlin |Rating Property Market – Berlin

When it comes to investment, there is no getting around Berlin. The city offers an almost inexhaustible investment potential. Berlin is not only nationally but also internationally sought after. The m² prices of large cities such as London or Paris are now too high for sensible investments, so that international capital is concentrated in Berlin.  For the location Berlin, our E1 Investment and Investment Real Estate Berlin is at your disposal. Further tips and help on real estate financing can be found here.

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