Location analysis Bergisch Gladbach: Property prices and market forecast

General Property Market Information on Bergisch Gladbach

Property Prices Bergisch Gladbach – E1 Holding – The present Bergisch Gladbach was created in 1975 when the old town of Bergisch Gladbach was merged with Schildgen and Bensbach. In the north Bergisch Gladbach borders directly on Leverkusen and in the west on Cologne, which explains the charm and also the real estate price boom in recent years.

As Cologne is becoming more and more expensive and the city center in particular is becoming increasingly unaffordable, investors are increasingly flocking to the surrounding cities. Very popular is Bergisch Gladbach, with the famous Bensberg Castle, various museums and interesting architecture in the city centre, such as the controversial town hall in Bensberg.

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Residents Key figures Bergisch Gladbach

Immobilienpreise Bergisch Gladbach – E1 Holding | Bergisch Gladbach liegt in Nordrhein-Westfalen und ist eine der kleineren Großstädte in Deutschland. 111.431 Einwohner hat die Stadt, von denen mehr als 25.000 außerhalb der Stadtgrenzen arbeiten.

Die Bevölkerung verteilt sich auf 83,09 km², das sind 1.340 Menschen pro Quadratkilometer und somit eine enorm dichte Besiedelung. Von 2015 auf 2016 hat die Einwohnerzahl um 0,02 Prozent abgenommen, schon 2017 konnte der Stand von 2016 und auch 2015 aber wieder übertroffen werden. Großstadt war Bergisch Gladbach erstmals im Jahr 1977, nach der Zusammenlegung der verschiedenen Ortschaften.

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Infrastructure Bergisch Gladbach

Property prices Bergisch Gladbach – E1 Holding | Bergisch Gladbach is integrated into the Cologne city and suburban railway network, so accessibility to the large neighbour is no problem. 13,600 Bergisch Gladbach residents make their way to Cologne every morning, the streets are chronically congested at peak times and the trains are full.

Gladbach is located on the A3 and A4 motorways and is therefore well connected to other parts of North Rhine-Westphalia, as far as the Dutch border and Frankfurt. The nearest airport to Bergisch Gladbach is Cologne-Bonn Airport, and Düsseldorf Airport is also easily accessible. In Bergisch Gladbach both the IC and the ICE stop, within the city there are buses and even the S-Bahn with connections to Cologne.

Economy & unemployment rate Bergisch Gladbach

Property Prices Bergisch Gladbach – E1 Holding | Bergisch Gladbach’s most important economic sectors include the metal industry and the paper and printing industry. For decades, the Zanders paper factory was the largest employer in the city and with the Joh. Heider publishing house and the Lübbe publishing group with the Bastei publishing house, two publishing houses are located in Bergisch Gladbach.

Bergisch Gladbach would also be unthinkable without mechanical engineering and vehicle construction, as well as the food manufacturer Krüger, which is one of the leading food producers in Germany. The unemployment rate in Bergisch Gladbach is 6.3 percent, almost twice the national average of 3.4 percent.

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Real estate and investors Key figures Bergisch Gladbach

Property prices Bergisch Gladbach – E1 Holding | Bergisch Gladbach benefits greatly from its proximity to Cologne in terms of popularity with investors. The price level in Bergisch Gladbach is also linked to the price level in Cologne. If it becomes more expensive in Cologne, this effect is also transferred to Bergisch Gladbach.

Nevertheless, the city is still cheaper than the metropolis of North Rhine-Westphalia. While ten annual net incomes are due for an investment property in Cologne with 130 to 150 m², the figure in Bergisch Gladbach is only 6.5.

Basic real estate data

Property prices Bergisch Gladbach | The villa district of Bensberg and Alt-Bergisch Gladbach are the two most popular residential areas of the city. Vacancy is practically non-existent in Bergisch Gladbach, as more and more people are flocking to Bergisch Gladbach due to the popularity of the city of Cologne. The price per square metre for a rental apartment is 10 euros – in a Germany-wide comparison, this is more in the upper third.

Building and housing statistics

In Bergisch Gladbach stehen 25.932 Gebäude mit Wohnraum und sonstige bewohnte Unterkünfte. 25.248 dieser Gebäude sind Wohngebäude, 660 Gebäude sind sonstige Gebäude mit Wohnraum und 21 Wohnheime gibt es in Bergisch Gladbach. Sonstige bewohnte Unterkünfte gibt es in der Stadt 3 Mal.

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Data on residential buildings in Bergisch Gladbach

There are 2,949 residential buildings divided into condominiums in Bergisch Gladbach, which accounts for 11.68 percent of all residential buildings in the city. 395 of these residential buildings belong to municipalities or municipal housing companies, which is 1.56 percent – a very low figure compared to other cities.

The proportion of old buildings in Bergisch Gladbach is also low. Only 6.27 percent of all residential buildings built before 1919 are still standing – a consequence of the heavy destruction of the city during the Second World War. 35.19 percent of the residential buildings are from the years 1950 to 1969. There are quite a few new buildings in Bergisch Gladbach, 9.08 percent of the residential buildings were built in 2000 or later, which speaks for the increasing popularity of the city.

Property prices Bergisch Gladbach – E1 Holding | Data on detached houses in Bergisch Gladbach

16,395 single-family homes are located in Bergisch Gladbach, which is 64.93 percent of all residential buildings and thus an enormously high number. The fact that more than two thirds of all buildings in Bergisch Gladbach are single-family homes speaks for the enormous popularity of the city among families. 7,280 of these single-family homes are detached, which is 28.83 percent.

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Assessment Property Market – Property Prices Bergisch Gladbach

Real estate investor Bergisch Gladbach – E1 Holding | Interested parties should not wait too long to invest in Bergisch Gladbach. More and more families are moving to Bergisch Gladbach, making single-family homes in particular very popular.

If Bergisch Gladbach is already too expensive for you, you can also look around in the neighbouring towns of Rösrath, Overath, Kürthen or Odenthal. These are smaller than Bergisch Gladbach and cheaper due to the slightly greater distance to Cologne.

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