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A small detached house or a condominium

Buy or sell a small detached house or condominium – the easiest and safest way to do this is through the mediation of a local real estate agent. You can find the best real estate agent if you make a thorough comparison in advance. Check (,)

  • the reputation of online reviews and experiences of friends, business partners, acquaintances.
  • the portfolio and qualification of the real estate agent.
  • the presentation of our own services and the objects offered.
  • whether the respective broker in the region is well networked and has up-to-date market knowledge.

Rely on factual information, but also on your “inner voice”. Does the offer seem to you to be trustworthy? Does the broker act reputable and does he advise you in detail?

So to find your real estate agent, a certain amount of effort is required. Unfortunately, this is all the more true if you do not want to sell the small home to private buyers, but want to sell or buy a commercial property or a residential complex.

Fast, discreet and at the best price: Real estate agents find for commercial real estate and off-market sales

Finding a real estate agent who sells investment properties on your behalf means taking into account additional criteria for search and comparison.

  • the broker is not only regionally, but also well-connected nationwide.
  • has an extensive customer file that includes reputable investors who are interested in your property.
  • he understands the sale in the off-market process. Off-market means that your property will not be put out for sale. Instead, the broker offers them targeted clients or takes the place of the buyer as an investor.

As a real estate agent and investor, e1-Holding specialises in the purchase, sale and brokerage of investment properties. We are the right contact if you want to find a real estate agent who can quickly and discreetly achieve the best prices for your investment properties.

Our portfolio includes the purchase and brokerage of commercial properties such as hotels, shopping malls and business parks, as well as land and residential properties that are suitable as investment properties.

Long-time experienced real estate agents wanted for existing customer support!

Always informed about the best offers: Real estate agents find for buyers and investors

Buyers and investors of commercial real estate and real estate need a real estate agent who has the right portfolio and in-depth industry knowledge. It also proves to be an advantage for investors, if the broker is very familiar with off-market purchases. This saves you, for example, from participating in lengthy bidding negotiations, in which prices are pushed up until the entire deal has collapsed.

As an experienced business partner of investors, we identify and mediate a large number of investment objects that are precisely tailored to your purchasing interests. We establish direct contacts and advise you with proven expertise. We also allow private and institutional investors to create a permanent search order free of charge, so that we can send you the latest sales offers at any time.

Conclusion: Don't look for any real estate agent, but make sure you find a real estate agent whose portfolio fits your intentions!

You’ll find real estate agents everywhere – but the difficulty is finding a broker whose portfolio fits your sales and buying intentions. We at e1-Holding are the right partner if you.

  • want to buy or sell commercial real estate or residential complexes quickly and discreetly.
  • want to be informed about current offers at all times.
  • Find a real estate agent who is networked nationwide and can provide you with a direct contact person at more than 40 locations nationwide.

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