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Are you an experienced real estate investor or agent?

Are you looking to expand your business and unlock higher levels of success in the real estate market?

Here is one thing you should know.
With the enormous competition in the real estate industry, individual investors like you find it very difficult to gain more grounds. Established companies with more inventories are gaining more traction. If you intend to compete, you need the full support of a more successful and reputable real estate investment company, and that is exactly why we are here.
E1 international investment holdings through our real estate franchise system give you an edge over competitors.

We are giants in the off-market area of real estate and have recorded massive success in the purchase and sales of thousands of properties within and outside Germany. By partnering with us as our franchisee, you gain access to our real estate network of investors and properties.

Off-market deals are usually very lucrative, and there is also a very high tendency of a high-income yield due to the fact that there is low competition. But the big question is, How do you, as an individual, get your hands on these off-market properties? Our system of real estate franchises will give you access to over hundreds of off-market properties and also numerous investor profiles. Obtaining our Real estate franchises simply means you don’t have to go chasing leads anymore, we bring them to you, and you also get more significant opportunities of closing more deals within a short period of time.

real estate franchise system

Why you should partner with our Real estate franchise ?

Real estate franchises present numerous advantages for individual who have existing businesses but wishes to widen their horizon. While this is very appealing, not all real estate franchises will guarantee success.

Here is a breakdown of why our real estate franchise system is the best you can find anywhere.

1. Solid training:

Our franchisees will be empowered with knowledge that is obtainable only through years of hard work and experience. Ordinarily, this is the kind of knowledge that would have you spending thousands of euros on mentorship programs, but you get it for free when you register with us. We prepare you to take on even more difficult challenges in your real estate journey, exposing all the strategies needed for all-round success.

2. Minimum risk and maximum profits:

After the initial training, you will be ready to make even more tactical decisions on what’s best for your business. And with our support, you can achieve more with reduced risk and increased profits.

3. Brand recognition and respect:

There is a very big difference when you have the support of an already established and successful business like ours. You can close more profitable deals as most homeowners would prefer to work with big and reputable companies like ours.

Langjährig erfahrene Immobilien Makler für die Bestandskundenbetreuung gesucht!

4. No distractions, complete flexibility:

We have a team of seasoned professionals in the industry who will help you with your daily activities to enable you to concentrate fully on your sales duty, which is essential for the development of your business. You also get enough time to keep your private business moving.

5. Low fees:

this distinguishes us from all other real estate franchises out there because, for every successful sale, you retain as much as 93% of the brokerage commission.

6. Optimized Online presence:

As a franchise partner, you will have your own web presence here on our SEO optimized website, and this will help you reach more audience and generate more visitors.

7. Complete access to a wide variety of off-market properties and network of investors.

By obtaining our franchise license, you will receive 50 off-market offers instantly. You also get access to 2100 Investment profiles, more than 4700active search profiles, and a network of more than 81,000 people.

As an E1 franchisee, we provide you with logos, stationery, and e-mail. All our marketing tools are available for you to use without restrictions.
You will also get approval to use our ready-made contracts, agreements, forms, and documents. These documents make your daily work and bureaucracy easier. All our documents are up-to-date and are in line with the applicable law.
By being a franchisee of the E1 group, you are indirectly eliminating every fail and frustration you would have encountered while developing on your own. E1 believes that if our franchisees are successful, then we are successful too. So if you aspire to achieve more with a real estate investment franchise, then partnering with the no 1 brand is easily the right option.

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