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The best broker in Radebeul is Steffen Voigt

His focus is on so-called off-market real estate. The broker Radebeul and his highly qualified team support the customer from the first to the last step. If a client wants to sell his property, Voigt examines the property discreetly and seriously. After the evaluation, the best possible strategy for the prize is developed. At the end of the day, the successful sale and the appointment will be at the notary’s office. Investors who are interested in an object in Radebeul, the neighbouring region but also throughout Germany, are also in good hands with the specialist. Here, the real estate agent draws on his many years of experience and his large network.

Лучшим Брокером В Радебуле Является Штеффен Фойгт | BBest real estate agent in Radebeul | Steffen Voigt
Real estate agent Radebeul - Steffen Voigt
  • Franchise Real Estate License: Platinum
  • Real estate business experience: Since 2007
  • Buying real estate / real estate investor: Yes
  • Strengths: Sales, Network, Know-How
  • Languages: .German, English, Turkish
  • Training company: .Yes
  • Real estate purchase & brokerage Focus on: hotel properties, residential complexes, commercial real estate, nursing homes, retail centres, industrial real estate, land, new construction projects residential, new construction projects Commercial
  • District: Nationwide and International

Estate agent Radebeul with great experience

Steffen Voigt has been successfully active in the real estate business since 2007. At the Radebeul site in the middle of the meissen district of Meissen, he and his team work extremely professionally and close to the customer and advise private, commercial and institutional clients. The real estate agent Radebeul focuses very much on the speculative off-market real estate. Loyal and transparent, all sales or purchase steps are accompanied. Steffen Voigt shows what is possible and what yield opportunities are to be expected. With more than 25 years of professional experience in the industry, customers can rely on his judgment. In addition, the expert himself has already made some successful investments, so that he can understand and understand the wishes of his customers. He and his team are particularly familiar with residential complexes, nursing homes and hotel properties. In addition, the office has extensive experience in the areas of commercial properties as well as specialist market centres. Voigt is also well aware of the various new construction projects that are planned and implemented throughout Germany.


+49 (171) 931 39 37



Steinweg 33, 01445 Radebeul

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Broker Radebeul with successful full-service package

A successful investment in an off-market object requires a trusted partner who knows the market and plans the right steps and goes with the customer to a successful conclusion. Here the broker Radebeul is the right contact person in the region. The service is holistic and includes all points. So it always starts with careful planning. From this, the exact appropriate investment strategy is developed and precisely adapted to the customer’s needs. From pricing to financing, the successful path then continues. At the end are the design of the notarial sales contract, the certificate and the logged handover of the acquired object. Every customer receives from Steffen Voigt a tailor-made full-service package, which is guaranteed to lead to good return opportunities. The location of the selected off-market property is not an exclusion criterion. As a broker Radebeul, Steffen Voigt knows the local market well. In addition, he can use the large database of E1 Holding, where all properties are listed nationwide.


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Quick contact with broker Radebeul

Steffen Voigt and his dedicated team have their office at Steinweg 33 in Radebeul. The real estate agent can be reached by phone at +49(171)9313937. An email will be sent to [email protected].

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