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As a real estate and investment broker in Cologne, Ehab Salem offers a very attractive and versatile range of services on the Cologne real estate market. The successful real estate agent’s long-standing connections extend from Cologne across the entire federal territory to the Middle East with the Gulf states as a focal point. Ehab Salem can always rely on the dense and close-knit network of E1 International Investment Holding GmbH, based in the Hessian capital Wiesbaden. On the market for off-market real estate, the Cologne real estate agent is absolutely parquet-proof.

Ehab Salem - Your Real Estate Agent Cologne
Real estate agents Cologne - Ehab Salem
  • Ehab Salem
  • Real Estate Franchise License: .Gold
  • Brokerage – Since 2006 with 15 years of professional experience
  • Languages in word and writing – German, Arabic, English
  • Real Estate & Investment – Domestic and Foreign Yes
  • House management – No
  • Financial services Real estate – Yes
  • Personal characteristics
    – A strong sense of customer needs
    – Service orientation from A to Z
    – Empathy, empathy and negotiating skills
    – Professional and private interest in the real estate market
    – Discretion, initiative, innovation, creativity and more that make up the successful real estate agent

Investment broker Cologne with network to UAE and Egypt

The name indicates that the roots of Ehab Salem can be found beyond the EU’s eastern external border. Accordingly, the focus on luxury properties is also pronounced in countries such as Egypt or in the Arab Emirates with cities such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah. But also the cathedral city on the Rhine with its catchment area as far as Düsseldorf and Bonn offers a lot of scope and opportunities for investing, buying and selling private and commercial real estate up to self-use. Every look into the database of E1 Holding is always promising.


0221 - 276 44 300



Ehab Salem
Germanicus Street 6a
D-50968 Cologne

Why choose E1 Holding?

E1 International Investment Holding GmbH has been active in the real estate business since 2007. The current transaction volume amounts to more than EUR 2.4 billion for more than 4,700 real estate transactions. E1 Holding is your answer to the real estate business. Get amazing investment agreements when you buy a property and benefit from the sale.
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E1 Holding and Ehab Salem - Top 10 Brokers Cologne

Top 10 brokers Cologne sounds good, but is still clearly topped by the quality designation of the best broker Cologne. This is ensured by the cooperation with E1 Holding. It has been active in the real estate business since the mid-2000s and has been fixated on private and commercial off-market real estate from the very beginning. This business is not easy, so only the most successful among the many brokers generate lasting revenue and profit. The real estate market is also, as they say, fiercely competitive in the city of Cologne. In this constant area of tension, the cooperation E1 Holding Real Estate Agent Cologne Ehab Salem is a guarantee of success.


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Best broker Cologne with a broad portfolio

The origin for the successful real estate agent Cologne is the broad interest in any real estate. On and Off Market mediation focuses on larger apartment buildings and residential areas, hotel and commercial properties, undeveloped properties as well as new construction projects up to industrial real estate.

One saying is: where planing is made there fall chips; the other: Where to build, there is real estate agent Cologne Ehab Salem on the spot. Support is provided by the well-maintained database of E1 Holding with a variety and variety of devalued undeveloped land and built-up properties. And then there is the small but fine database of Ehab Salem.

Real estate and investment broker Cologne with perfect all-round carefree package

A perfect all-round service is literally a top priority at Ehab Salem. From the first meeting to the notary’s appointment or the later handover of the keys, he is the only and personal contact person. With a few exceptions per year, appointments can be arranged at any time and in individual cases at short notice. In principle, the customer decides where the confidential and discreet four-eyed conversation takes place. After placing the order, investors, sellers or buyers can sit back and wait for further development.

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Return objects - Good and discreet advice with investment broker Cologne

The entire region around the city on the Rhine as far as the Bergische Land is extremely attractive for Off Market Real Estate Cologne. Know-how and flair, a skilful knack for unusual real estate as well as creativity and absolute discretion are indispensable prerequisites for lasting success on the Cologne off market real estate market. The otherwise beloved and esteemed “Cologne Klüngel” is wrong here. Lucrative return objects are more likely to be conveyed silently and by handshake before the path leads to the notary of trust.

Reasons for the E1 real estate agent Cologne

Real estate agents Cologne and E1 Holding are like a junktim. Both bring their experience, skills and knowledge as well as the concentrated manpower. Against this background, there is no way around success. Since the company was founded, E1 Holding has managed to generate a volume of eur 2.5 billion in more than 4,700 transactions. Whether on or off market, the real estate market here in Cologne is as lucrative and promising as that in the metropolises on the Nile or in the Gulf states.

The variety of business areas within the centrally oriented E1 Holding offers local branches and franchise partners a wide range of discussions and negotiations with investors, real estate sellers and property buyers. In addition to the real estate agent Cologne, the entire Cologne real estate market, and especially Off Market Immobilien Köln, benefit from this.

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