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E1 Holding stands for quality, trust and excellence. Successes in the real estate market. Our customers and partners are at the heart of our success. Their experiences reflect the excellence and efficiency of our services.
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Successful projects and partnerships

E1 Investment Broker Helmut Dick

With over 300 transactions and an impressive career since 1989, our Platinum Franchise Partner Helmut Dick is a prime example of consistency and success in the real estate industry.

E1 Real estate dealer Rene Diewert

As an independent entrepreneur and investor with over 30 years of experience, Rene Diewert shows how to successfully set up and manage several companies.

Investment broker Astrid Felder

Get in touch with Astrid Felder, an expert in everything from hotel properties to nursing homes, known for her patience, discretion and enthusiasm.

E1 Distribution Partner Rolf Lohrmann

Mr. Lohrmann brings his extensive experience in business consulting and academic teaching to his role as E1 Distributor in Spain.

E1 Customer feedback and success metrics

Our clients particularly appreciate the discretion and professionalism with which we handle real estate projects. Some of our notable success stories include

E1 Reference

Discreet sale of apartment buildings in Kassel Lohfelden

A prime example of our ability to handle large transactions discreetly and efficiently.

Sale of the Martini shopping center in Bad Kreuznach

An off-market transaction that underscores our expertise in brokering retail parks.

E1 Successful brokerage of an administrative building in Rüdesheim am Rhein

Another example of our extensive network and our ability to meet the needs of our existing customers.

E1 Global presence and diversity

E1 Holding is not only active in Germany, but worldwide. Our partners and franchisees represent a wide range of experience and specializations, from off-market real estate agents to experts in specific property types.

Distribution Partner Jens Uwe Kern

With his entrepreneurial experience in Europe and his current work in Spain and Andorra, Mr. Kern demonstrates E1's global reach.

Muharrem Erdogdu

As a Platinum Franchise Partner and successful investment broker, Mr. Erdogdu illustrates our expertise in the German market.

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Credibility and success

These success stories and the positive feedback from our customers underline the credibility and success of E1 Holding. We are proud that our partners and clients benefit from our expertise, our global network and our ability to deliver exceptional results.

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