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Maximize the value of your property with E1 Plus

Owners who list their properties on E1 Plus will benefit from a strong online presence on a platform specifically designed for the international investment real estate market. With our extensive network of investors and real estate agents, we can help you get the best price for your property.

Discover Off-Market Real Estate with E1 Plus

Investors looking for off-market properties will find a wide selection of offers at E1 Plus that are not publicly accessible. With our smart search features and custom notifications, you’ll always be up to date and able to respond quickly to new opportunities.

Expand your network with E1 Plus

Real estate agents working with E1 Plus benefit from an extended network of potential buyers and sellers. Our platform gives you the opportunity to present your offers to an international audience and maximize your reach. In addition, you can benefit from our smart search feature and custom notifications to find the best deals for your customers.

Use our E1 Plus FAQ to find answers to your questions and learn more about how we can help you get the maximum value out of your property, discover off-market properties and expand your network as a real estate agent.

As a leading off-market real estate platform, we at E1 Plus offer owners, investors and real estate agents a unique opportunity to succeed in the international market. Our platform is based on the latest technologies and allows you to find the right investors and potential buyers to market your properties effectively and successfully. In addition, we offer a variety of tools and services to assist you in every step of the sales or buying process. Sign up for E1 Plus today and discover the added value we can offer you!

The headline and the property description are decisive in determining whether an investor requests further documentation or not. An interestingly worded headline and description must summarize the most important things in 3-4 sentences and provide the customer with a sales argument as to why the property is worth an inspection.

In order to guarantee an automated dispatch of documents, all documents should be uploaded in a drive and the link should be stored in the object entry mask.

A picture is worth a thousand words. It is important that you upload a real image of the property or land, as listings with dummy images have a tremendously low click-through rate. It is also important that you use an image that cannot be found on the internet to protect the property.

Custom tags are search terms such as nursing home, city, country, portfolio holder, allocation, hotel property, parking garage, building permit, etc., which should be entered when entering the property so that users can find your property better on the platform.

Details of the rentable area, land area and year of construction are important pieces of information that determine whether an investor requests further documentation or not. Therefore, it is important that you invest enough time for a property acquisition, because in the event of success, you want a broker’s commission, which is considerable.

Sometimes less is more. Concentrate on the properties in the year-end business, which are 100% available and all documents are available. Don’t upload everything possible to E1 Plus to avoid not being able to deliver the property once you have received an expression of interest.

Yes, talk to your clients about the purchase price. At the end of the year, you should aim to sell, as investors with equity are the decision-makers and only buy them at attractive prices. If no expressions of interest are received by the end of November, you should adjust the current rental income and purchase price.

It’s important that you use a descriptive headline and property description to pique the interest of potential investors. Also, make use of high-quality and real images that represent the property or land well. Be careful not to post any information that could lead to the public address.

Make sure that the address of the property is stored in the object mask so that the system can automatically provide the initial verification. When a client clicks on the „Request Documents“ button and expresses interest, the exam documents are automatically sent and the broker’s commission is 100% secured.

Make sure to click on „planned“ and provide information on whether the building permit has already been secured or whether construction has already begun. Also include possible purchase prices in the event of a single sale, construction costs and an achievable possible target rent, as this information is crucial for an investor.

Make sure that you enter the postcode and address when entering, as this ensures 100% matching with existing search profiles. Also use so-called „custom tags“ or search terms such as nursing home, city, country, portfolio holder, partition, hotel property, parking garage, building permit, etc. to make your properties easier to find.

It is important to invest sufficient time in entering the property and providing all the important information, such as rentable area, land area, year of construction, etc. Investors often decide whether or not to request further documentation based on this information. Also, don’t upload all possible properties to e1 Plus, but concentrate on the properties in the year-end business, which are 100% available and all documents are available.

To ensure that your property sells quickly, it’s important to create an interesting headline and property description, upload high-quality images, and provide all the important information about the property. It’s also important to be realistic about the purchase price and talk to your clients about the selling price.

To change your search profile, simply log in to your E1 Plus account and go to the „Search Profiles“ section. Click the search profile you want to change and update the information.

To refine your search results, use the filter options on the search results page. You can filter by various criteria such as location, price, type of property, and more to tailor the results to your needs.

You can track the progress of your sale by logging into your E1 Plus account and going to the „My Items“ section. There you will find a list of all your listed properties and the status of each listing.

As soon as a potential buyer shows interest in your property, we will automatically forward them to you. You can then get in touch with the buyer through the E1 Plus messaging system or email and discuss more details.

To update your contact information, simply log in to your E1 Plus account and go to your profile. There you can update your contact information such as phone number, email address, and more.

E1 Plus is specifically designed for the international investment real estate market and is designed to bring together investors and real estate sellers.

There are certainly other providers on the market, but E1 Plus differs in its specialization in the off-market space, which means that it focuses on properties that are not offered to the public.

E1 Plus offers owners the opportunity to sell their property to a wider audience of investors who might not be reachable in any other way.

E1 Plus focuses on off-market real estate, especially commercial real estate such as hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, and apartment buildings.

E1 Plus may not be the right platform for private homes or other properties that can be offered more broadly in the market.

Yes, as a real estate agent, you can take advantage of the offers on E1 Plus and forward them to your clients.

As a real estate agent, you can register on E1 Plus and then have access to the real estate listings that you can pass on to your investors.

You can adjust your notification settings in your E1 Plus account to ensure that you only receive relevant notifications.

E1 Plus offers built-in transaction management that allows you to manage all your transactions on the platform.

There is no limit to the free use of E1 Plus, but there are also paid plans with advanced features.

An off-market real estate platform is an online platform where sellers can discreetly and directly engage with potential buyers of real estate. Unlike public marketplaces, the properties offered are not publicly advertised, but only offered to a select group of investors.

Sellers can receive an expression of interest from investors on the platform discreetly and without public disclosure of real estate offers. The platform offers a fast and secure way to discreetly connect with potential buyers without attracting public attention.

Off market real estate platforms are ideal for sellers of real estate who are looking for a discreet and quick way to connect with potential buyers. Besides, these platforms are also suitable for investors who are looking for exclusive real estate listings.

An off-market real estate platform provides sellers with a discreet and effective way to connect with potential buyers and expedite the sale of their property. Investors have access to exclusive real estate listings that are not available on public marketplaces.

In public marketplaces, real estate listings are publicly advertised and accessible to everyone. On an off-market real estate platform, on the other hand, the offers are only offered to a selected group of investors and are not publicly available.

Most off-market real estate platforms are paid and charge a fee for using the platform. The exact cost will vary depending on the platform and scope of services.

As a rule, off-market real estate platforms are intended for professional providers and investors. However, as a private individual, you can also offer your property on an off-market platform.

Yes, off-market real estate platforms are generally secure and provide a protected environment for exchanging information between sellers and investors. However, you should always be aware that there can also be dubious providers on off-market platforms.

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