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February 12, 2024

Welcome to the comprehensive overview of the global investment market in 2024. This report provides detailed insights and analysis of developments and trends in over 33 countries. In a time of change and uncertainty, this report provides valuable information for investors, analysts and anyone interested in the international market.

The global investment market faces numerous challenges in 2024, but also offers many opportunities. This report highlights the most important developments, from real estate financing to the impact of current economic and political events on the investment landscape.

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Fall in building interest rates tempts people to buy real estate

Despite falling interest rates for real estate financing, experts warn that the best buying opportunities may have been missed.

The deceptive decline in building interest rates

Off-market investment properties worldwide

Real estate crisis hits Germany

The Pfandbrief banks' real estate price index shows a decline in real estate prices for the fourth quarter of 2023, particularly in the commercial real estate segment.

Real estate prices slide sharply across all segments

Falling prices for residential real estate

According to the Association of German Pfandbrief Banks, residential real estate prices fell by 1.6 percent in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Real estate prices fall again - office crisis grows

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Investment in real estate without acquisition of property

Real estate continues to be regarded as a secure retirement provision. Alternative investment opportunities in real estate are presented.

Building wealth: How you can invest in real estate without buying a house

Decline in sales on Lower Saxony's real estate market

Sales fell by nine billion euros compared to the previous year.

Lower Saxony: Sharp drop in sales on the real estate market

Political powerlessness in housing issues in Switzerland

Rising rents and real estate prices represent a socio-political challenge.

Nowhere is the powerlessness of politics as great as when it comes to housing

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ECB warns of capital losses at banks due to real estate risks

Increasing risks in the European commercial real estate market are coming into focus.

Real estate: ECB warns banks of capital losses

Auction of exceptional real estate in Thuringia

Historic villa and other properties go under the hammer.

Thuringia: THESE extraordinary properties are going under the hammer

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Reasons for a potential increase in real estate prices despite the current crisis:

Experts see signs of a possible market upturn in the real estate sector.

Three reasons that real estate is becoming more expensive again - and one against it

Price level for existing properties becomes more buyer-friendly

Average 10% price drop for properties in energy classes C to H.

Real estate prices 10% cheaper

Significant costs for parking space rental in Auckland

A real estate agent in Auckland is causing a stir by charging considerable costs for renting a parking space.

Significant costs for renting a parking space

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Largest price decline on the German real estate market in 60 years

According to the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, the German real estate market experienced the sharpest price decline in 60 years in 2023.

Sharpest fall in real estate prices for 60 years

Increasing demand for convertible rooms and open floor plans

Properties with flexible usage options and open-plan living concepts will be particularly popular with buyers in 2024.

Check convertible investments now

Trends in the European real estate market

The European real estate market is being shaped by technological, demographic and environmental changes as well as the use of big data and analytics.

Current trends on the European market

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Recovery of the real estate market in Europe expected in 2024

Technological progress and growth in the tourism sector could boost the recovery of the European real estate market next year.

Where in Europe will the property market revive in 2024?

Global challenges and opportunities in the real estate market in 2024

The global real estate market is facing a variety of challenges, but experts are forecasting a possible market recovery.

Read more about the global market

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Commercial real estate crisis feared in Europe

Recent global events are raising fears of a crisis in the European commercial real estate market, similar to developments in Japan and the USA.

Is a commercial real estate crisis developing in Europe?

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Forecasts for the real estate market in 2024

When will house prices become affordable again?

Despite improved mortgage interest rates, the challenges of home affordability remain.

Housing market forecasts for 2024: when will house prices be affordable again?

China's real estate sector faces medium-term challenges

An accelerated clean-up of distressed developers and other measures should pave the way for a smaller, more sustainable role in the economic system.

China's real estate sector: overcoming the medium-term downturn

Japan's residential real estate market loses momentum

Growth in the Japanese residential real estate market is slowing due to falling demand and a decline in construction activity.

Japan's housing market loses momentum

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India's real estate market undergoes transformation

On the 75th anniversary of India's independence, the development of the real estate sector is documented in a special book "Bharat Unfolded".

Bharat Unfolded: A journey through India's real estate transformation

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Real estate market grows in the United Kingdom

The market volume is expected to reach USD 21.99 trillion by 2024, with the residential real estate sector dominating.

Real Estate Market Report - United Kingdom

Real estate sale in France after death of oligarch Berezovsky

France sells a confiscated castle on the Riviera that belonged to a deceased opponent of Putin.

France sells Riviera castle of deceased Putin opponent

Hong Kong orders liquidation of Evergrande

A court in Hong Kong has ordered the liquidation of the Chinese real estate developer Evergrande.

Court orders dissolution of Evergrande

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WeWork files for insolvency in the USA

The co-working company WeWork files for insolvency due to the crisis in the office real estate market.

WeWork files for insolvency in the USA

e1 Kanada

Canada's real estate market attracts global attention

Canada is a popular destination for immigrants due to its high quality of life and strong real estate market.

The 9 best places to live in Canada, according to local real estate experts

Effects of the Canadian housing ban for foreign buyers

The ban could affect demand among non-resident Indians looking for investment opportunities.

Will Canada's ban on foreign buyers affect demand among non-resident Indians?

Comparison of the Canadian real estate market with other G7 countries

Canada's real estate bubble is described as particularly extreme compared to other G7 countries.

Canada's real estate bubble is completely crazy compared to other G7 countries

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Real estate yields in Brazil

The average gross rental yield in Brazil is 6.24% in the first quarter of 2024, with a focus on large cities such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Gross rental yields in Brazil: Sao Paulo and 4 other cities

e1 West Lakes

Record sale of a former prize house in West Lakes

Sold for 4.025 million dollars at auction. Highest sale price in West Lakes, beating the previous record of 3.5 million dollars in March 2022.

Former premium house in West Lakes sold for 4.025 million dollars

Chinese investors bypass Australia's tax hikes

Waiting for permanent residency status to buy real estate and avoid higher taxes.

Chinese investors avoid the tax increase

Reassessment of real estate investment strategies by Chinese and Hong Kong buyers in Australia

Prefer to wait for permanent residency due to high costs and uncertainties.

Offshore buyers rethink investment strategies

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Singapore leads the APAC region in commercial real estate investments

Record investment volume of 4.1 billion dollars in Q4 2023.

Singapore sets five-year record for commercial real estate investment in APAC for Q423

e1 taiwanesischen Wohnimmobilienmarktes

Cooling of the Taiwanese residential real estate market

No year-on-year growth in Q3 2023.

Taiwan's housing market loses momentum

Taiwan's real estate market described as the most overvalued in Asia

Buying real estate in Taiwan does not offer good returns.

Taiwan real estate: Asia's most overpriced?

Comprehensive guide to the real estate market in Mexico

Provides detailed information for rental, purchase, ownership and sales transactions.

Guide to real estate in Mexico

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FIBRA Macquarie México shows resilience and growth

5.4 % increase in AFFO per certificate in Q4 2023.

FIBRA Macquarie México: Resilience and growth in the real estate sector

e1 Spanien

Spain invests in desalination plants in Catalonia

Investment of 467 million euros due to a three-year drought.

Spain invests $ 502 million in desalination plants in Catalonia in the face of drought

Lidl invests in its largest Spanish logistics center

140 million euros for a new logistics center in Martorell, near Barcelona.

Largest Spanish logistics center

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Deutsche Bank doubles investments in Indonesia

Deutsche Bank increases local capital in Indonesia to IDR 10 trillion (600 million euros) to support business growth. The investment will enable the expansion of activities for clients. This is Deutsche Bank's third capital increase in the Asia-Pacific region this year, following previous investments in Vietnam and South Korea. The bank has a 54-year history in Indonesia and plays an increasingly important role in the success of the bank's regional franchise.

Deutsche Bank increases investments in Indonesia to support growth

Indonesia Investment auf E1 CRM

Indonesia Investment Authority and Manulife IM invest in Indonesian real assets

The Indonesia Investment Authority in Jakarta and Manulife Investment Management are entering into a partnership to invest in Indonesian real assets. The partnership involves co-investments between the sovereign wealth fund, Manulife IM and third-party investors in Indonesian infrastructure, real estate and the natural capital sector, including forestry and agricultural assets.

Indonesia Investment Authority and Manulife IM jointly invest in Indonesian real estate assets

Acceleration of investment in Saudi tourism in 2024

Investment in Saudi Arabia's tourism and entertainment sectors will accelerate further in 2024 as the Kingdom continues to diversify its economy. Samy Chaar, Chief Economist at Swiss banking group Lombard Odier, emphasizes the importance of moving away from hydrocarbon production for the future economic prospects of Saudi Arabia and the region as a whole. Diversification away from oil and gas production is seen as key to the region's economic prospects, with "National Visions" serving as catalysts for coordinated investment in non-oil and gas sectors. In Saudi Arabia, investment in tourism and entertainment will continue to increase in 2024. Public investment in the UAE will also increase as the country leads the region in solar energy investment.

Top expert: Investment in Saudi tourism will increase until 2024

INVEST SAUDI leads high-ranking Saudi delegation to the world's leading real estate event

INVEST SAUDI will bring together representatives from some of Saudi Arabia's largest projects to showcase the Kingdom's investment opportunities at MIPIM in Cannes, France, from March 12-15, 2024. The Saudi delegation, the largest ever to attend MIPIM, includes representatives from government agencies and major projects such as NEOM, Diriyah Company, King Salman Park Foundation, New Murabba and Roshn, who will engage with a global audience to attract more investment to the Kingdom.


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Vacation parks in the east of the Netherlands a paradise for money launderers

According to a study by the Dutch Center for Crime Prevention and Security (CCV), criminals use vacation parks and houses in the east of the Netherlands for money laundering, drug production and prostitution. The properties are used for criminal activities on a large scale. The study was carried out in cooperation with several authorities.

The Netherlands is considered a paradise for money launderers

Largest money managers in the world invest in Türkiye

According to a study by the Dutch Center for Crime Prevention and Security (CCV), criminals use vacation parks and houses in the east of the Netherlands for money laundering, drug production and prostitution. The properties are used for criminal activities on a large scale. The study was carried out in cooperation with several authorities.

The two largest asset managers in the world with assets of $10T invest in Türkiye

e1 investiert in türkische

Pimco focuses on the Turkish bond market

Pimco invests in Turkish lira-denominated bonds, driven by Erdoğan's economic policy after his re-election. The company is betting that Türkiye will regain its investment grade credit status.

Bond giant Pimco says Turkey on track for investment-grade rating

Gross rental yields in Turkey

Istanbul and other cities

The average gross rental yield in Turkey is 6.36% in Q1 2024. Despite strong house price increases, the country is suffering from hyperinflation, which is weighing on the economy.

Is the strong growth in Turkish real estate prices just an illusion?

Chinese automotive giant suspends investment decision in Turkey

Chinese car manufacturer Great Wall has suspended its investment plans in Turkey due to frequently changing regulations and rising labor costs. Other Chinese car brands such as Chery, Skywell and MG are waiting for guarantees and incentives before investing in Turkey.

İrfan Değirmenci points out

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Claim that Turkish Petroleum has a

An advertisement on YouTube claims that Türkiye Petrolleri Anonim Ortaklığı has announced an "investment opportunity" with pictures of Arda Turan who seems to recommend this investment opportunity. It is recommended to be skeptical of such advertisements as they could be part of fraudulent activities.

Claim that Turkish Petroleum has a

e1 Türkei

Ambassador Schulz

Some companies are reluctant to invest in Turkey

The German ambassador in Ankara, Jürgen Schulz, notes that some companies are hesitant to invest in Turkey and emphasizes the need for attractive investment conditions, including legal certainties, planning security and financing facilitation. German-Turkish trade relations are diverse and comprehensive, with a balanced development and a long history.

Ambassador Schulz: Some companies are reluctant to invest in Turkey?

Turkey continues to develop economic relations with Qatar

Qatar conducts 4.3% of its imports from Turkey and supports the "Kalkınma Yolu" development project, which offers both logistical and commercial investment opportunities. Istanbul Chamber of Commerce organized a webinar on trade and investment opportunities in Qatar, where 12 cooperation agreements were signed to increase the trade volume back above 1 billion dollars.

Trade volume with Qatar is set to increase with the development route

SAIC will set up a facility in Turkey sooner or later

The interest of Chinese automotive brands in Turkey is being loudly discussed. One of these brands is SAIC, one of the largest car manufacturers in China. Doğan Trend Otomotiv CEO Kağan Dağtekin announced that talks about investments in Turkey are being accelerated and that he firmly believes that SAIC will establish a production plant in Turkey.

SAIC will build a plant in Turkey sooner or later

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Chinese company invests in Turkey

Doğan Trend Otomotiv, the distributor of MG in Turkey, is planning to launch new MG car models on the Turkish market. The company is working with SAIC, the largest car manufacturer in China. Last year, SAIC sold 5.3 million vehicles in China and 1.2 million abroad, making it the largest automotive group outside China.

Chinese company invests in Turkey

Germany promotes investments in 34 countries, including Turkey

The German government plans to provide special support to German entrepreneurs investing in 34 countries, including Turkey, in order to reduce economic dependence on China. New incentives are intended to reduce dependence on certain markets and promote the diversification of foreign investments in order to minimize risks such as expropriation, war and legal violations.

Investment incentives from Germany for 34 countries, including Turkey

e1 Switzerland

Switzerland and Norway could invest 100 billion dollars in India

India is strengthening ties with several European economies through a new free trade agreement and huge investment plans. After sixteen years of negotiations, India is on the verge of concluding a first-ever trade agreement with Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, which form the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). These countries have agreed to invest in India under a free trade agreement in exchange for easier access to the world's most populous country, a market of 1.4 billion people. An unusual feature of this free trade agreement (FTA) is that it comes with investment guarantees, the binding nature of which is yet to be clarified in the final talks.

Switzerland and Norway could invest 100 billion dollars in India

India is close to concluding an investment agreement with Switzerland and Norway

India is in the process of finalizing a trade agreement that could see a small group of European countries investing up to 100 billion dollars over the next 15 years for easier trade access to the country. The investment in India from EFTA countries is expected to create over 1 million jobs in the country, with the investment mainly targeting existing and new manufacturing projects and largely coming from government-sponsored organizations and private companies. The trade agreement will ensure market access for some agricultural projects and ensure easier transfer of Indian skilled labor to EFTA countries.

India seeks 100-billion-dollar investment agreement with Switzerland and Norway

India is seeking an investment of 100 billion dollars from Switzerland and Norway

The EFTA Group is getting closer to a free trade agreement after 16 years. Legal clarifications are ongoing and the parties are aiming to sign by April. The proposed investment from EFTA countries is expected to generate over 1 million jobs in India.

India seeks investment agreements with Switzerland and Norway worth RM477 billion

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Special edition of Eurobuild FM

Summaries and forecasts (Ep. 12)

n today's special edition of Eurobuild FM, Erik Drukker, CEO at BNP Paribas Real Estate, is our guest, sharing interesting information about the situation on the investment market and the metamorphosis of the office sector.

Summaries and forecasts

Industriepark Off-Deals E1+

Romania: HelpShip selects CTPark Oradea Cargo Terminal

CTP has leased 5,300 square meters of warehouse space in CTPark Oradea Cargo Terminal, an industrial park with an air freight terminal, to HelpShip, a provider of logistics solutions.

Worldwide OTC storage space


High voltage in B4B

Enetecs - Engineering Technologies has signed a lease agreement for 560 sqm of office space in building F of the Bonarka for Business complex in Krakow.

Your compass on the global investment market

Poland in the B4B

SolarWinds extended

SolarWinds has extended its lease in the Bonarka for Business complex in Krakow, occupying approx. 2,600 sqm of office space in Building E.

Team of experts


Blackbrook expands its German portfolio

Blackbrook has expanded its portfolio in Germany with a sale-leaseback transaction in the Thuringia region.
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Little new supply, increasing user activity:


The volume of vacant office space in Warsaw is shrinking, as the number of office buildings under construction and entering the market is low and occupier demand remains stable.

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e1 investments Zagreb


Immofinanz sells in Zagreb

Immofinanz has completed the sale of the Grand Center Zagreb office property to a Croatian real estate company.

The key to intelligent investment

Rödl & Partner on two floors


Another company has decided to relocate its office to Vibe, Ghelamco's latest project in Warsaw's business center. Rödl & Partner has rented almost 2,500 square meters of modern office space.

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Trigea acquires Arkády Pankrác

The Trigea fund has completed the purchase of the Arkády Pankrác shopping center in Prague.

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Talixo chooses Lubicz Park


Talixo, a company that provides a platform for bookings and transfers, has joined the tenants of the Lubicz Park office building in Krakow.

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E1 Investments Rumänien


Cognyte moves to U-Center 2

Forte Partners has signed a lease agreement with Cognyte for an office in U-Center 2 in Bucharest.

Discover your investment potential

King's Gate is finished


KGAL Wohnen Core 3 has completed the handover of the KönigsTOR Regensburg residential development.

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Polish buyers acquire record amounts of real estate in Spain

Karol Minarczuk, a 34-year-old insurance specialist, bought a 90-square-meter apartment in Torrevieja on the southeastern Costa Blanca in Spain, motivated by the diversification of his capital and the political situation in Ukraine. In 2022, Polish citizens bought almost 3,000 Spanish properties, a record number and more than 160% more than in the previous year.

Costa del Pole: Polish buyers purchase record-breaking amounts of real estate in Spain

Trade boom between Cuba and Russia in 2024

Driven by investment boost

In 2023, Cuba and Russia experienced a significant increase in bilateral trade, driven by a desire to promote business investment and explore new areas of cooperation. Russian exports to Cuba increased 7.9 times in the first eight months of 2023 compared to the same period last year, while Cuba more than tripled its exports to Russia.

Cuba and Russia trade booms in 2024, driven by investment push

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