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E1 represents an association of renowned real estate agencies,

E1 represents an association of renowned real estate agencies, spread across the entire German territory and overseas. These agencies are connected by a license and united by the burning desire to provide a reliable and effective brokerage for the purchase and sales of properties in Germany and internationally. They say two heads are better than one, and we have come together to achieve bigger and even more complex goals, things we couldn’t have done individually.

Investors, property owners, and real estate agents have continually benefited from the wealth of experience and expertise our team has to offer. Our core areas are real estate brokerage, real estate purchase, real estate sales, and real estate inventory. As a team of agents and brokers with more than 83 years of combined experience in real estate investment, our craft in all these areas is impeccable, and our services are second only to none.  We are a successful real estate franchise company, having emerged from the former “Erdogdu real estate”.

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Our little beginning

The journey of a thousand miles, they say, begins with a step, and we are forever grateful to Muharrem Erdogdu, who fearlessly took a step towards creating what has become Germany’s real estate powerhouse.

Muharrem Erdogdu, the founder and owner of E1 holdings, founded a real estate office in the Rhine-Main area in the year 2007. At that time, the Wiesbaden-based entrepreneur’s interest was on the Rhine-Main area’s property buyers and sellers.

Given the success and increased growth of this small establishment, new business fields gradually opened up. The company then spread its operations to cover a vast area in the real estate business, including real estate investments and real estate transactions involving commercial real estate and multi-family houses. At this point, an expansion became inevitable, and In 2011, the transition to the exclusive brokerage of capital investment assets was completed. This included real estate holdings of one of Germany’s largest forwarding companies.  This transition led to the birth of Germany’s leading off-market broker- E1 holdings.

The ideology that led to this transition has and will always be our motivation, “Simply the number one.” This is not just a slogan it is our goal and philosophy, we know exactly where we started, where we are now, and where we are heading to; the top is our destination.

Some of the key events that marked a turning point in our growth were in 2014 when we helped a group of investors from Istanbul to purchase extensive industrial facilities in Frankfurt am Main, a transaction that summed up to the double-digit million range and also when we handled the extensive sale of factory holdings for Passavant-Geiger, a renowned steel foundry.

Ever since, the company has focused exclusively on brokerage orders of over one million Euros in volume.

How far we have come

E1 holdings have expanded nationwide and internationally to become a franchisor for companies in Germany and abroad. This clearly shows how big we have become. The business is still managed by the founder and managing director Muharrem Erdogdu from Wiesbaden. At the German Patent and Trademark Office, E1 Holdings is a trademark examined and registered under file number 3020152181282.

Today, E1 holdings have pulled numerous business owners and managing directors of agencies in various locations, and have made it possible for all to collaborate under one brand name with a brand strategy successfully. Whether in Berlin, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Stuttgart, and every other city where our clients are, they are fully supported by our dedicated real estate agents; a team comprising cosmopolitan and goal-oriented men and women.

Long-standing experienced real estate agents wanted to look after existing customers!

Our famous impact on real estate

Over the years, real estate has experienced tremendous growth and development. Social development and globalization have also taken their toll on the real estate market. Previously, apartments and houses were mainly for the owner’s inhabitation or preserved for owner’s offsprings. Fast forward to today, the same properties that were deemed fit for the owner’s inhabitation alone have now become a profitable and risk-free type of investment.

The prerequisite for this is that these properties do not depreciate, but instead they keep increasing in value.

Among the various investment options in the real estate industry, off-market properties are particularly very attractive and highly sought for by most investors due to their high-income yield potential. The term “off-market” refers to properties that are for sale but hidden from the media and internet portals as well as every other platform for listing. They can be residential complexes, shopping centres, logistics areas, and lands with planning permission. These kind of properties are not so easy to come by as their owners are strictly looking to get a discreet sale. However, these off-market properties are our specialty, and their owners rely heavily on us because of our ability to bring buyers and sellers of this property together and ensure they are sold quietly and quickly, thanks to our outstanding network of solvent and verified investors. Using our reliable network, we handle the sale of these properties in a unique way that leaves the sellers and the buyers fully satisfied at the end of every transaction.

Through this network, we alert our long-standing, established, and verified investors of an off-market offer, and the key information like the address and owners of the property can only be disclosed after we have verified the interest of the investor. We also provide effective communication and the assurance that we will stop at nothing to ensure we obtain only a result that is favourable to both parties. The basis of our off-market real estate activities is our long-established and trusted cooperation with boards of directors and supervisory boards of various firms. We see ourselves as a partner continually searching for suitable large-scale projects.

Over the years, we have with our unique strategies for effective sales of off-market properties, set a high standard in the real estate industry both locally and internationally. Here is a breakdown of some of the benefits our clients, investors, and partners, enjoy by choosing E1 holdings.

  • Discreet advice with in-depth expertise
  • Profiling with relevant details
  • Pre-examinations that match your ideas and criteria
  • An exact pre-selection of objects that match your search profile
  • Contacts with owners and complete documents
  • Trustworthy, reliable cooperation

Where to find us

With over 43 offices nationwide, E1 holdings is duly represented in Germany, so wherever you are located, there is always an E1 holdings office close to you. Having successfully acquired 42 investment properties in 10 countries and with more than 120,000 registered customers internationally, we are actively involved in real estate transactions outside Germany.

Every real estate investor knows that location is one of the major keys to unlocking maximum profits. Before you buy a property, certain findings about the location of the property should be clarified. Is the desired property in a central, well-connected, or selected green location? Is it well connected by public transport? What about infrastructure: are employers, schools, doctors, and shops easy to reach?

Cities like Münich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, and Hamburg are the frontrunners in the category of cities with outrageous growth potential and this is basically due to their impressive advancements in business, science, and technology. With the numerous strategic locations in these cities, it has proven to be a very good business to invest in them.

It is also imperative to keep your eyes on cities such as Karlsruhe. With its University of Excellence, it is also gaining more popularity and enjoying rising real estate prices. This is good for investors, as rising rents mean rising returns.

Whichever location you prefer, we are well represented in all of them and will guide you every step of the way to ensure you get the best possible outcome from your real estate investments.

Also, It is advantageous to buy real estate when long-term and favourable interest rates are possible. Our real estate company will show you whether it is worthwhile to purchase an investment as a secured one in advance.

Why E1 is exceptional

We are not mere agents and brokers; we are also savvy real estate holders. With our extensive knowledge, we acquire investments with the significant value-added potential, for ourselves and our clients. We aim to develop sustainable investment properties, and our ability to acquire highly profitable real estate rubs off on our clients because we implement our visions during our partnership with them. This applies to the privatisation of real estate as well as to the purchase. So when we interact with you, we do so as fellow investors, and with our extensive knowledge and experience, we lay down the steps for you to follow as an investor in other to achieve success; the same steps that led to our unprecedented success.

We understand all the ins and outs of real estate investments and the fact that constantly changing framework conditions require foresight, long-term and proactive action. With our  network of competent and experienced employees, we are the most suitable partners to help you actualize your different dreams in real estate investment.

Whether it’s buying real estate from investors, selling real estate, or keeping real estate stock, we provide our clients with effective working methods that go hand in hand with technological progress and globalization. With strategic merger in Wiesbaden, innovative processes, and adapted working strategy we deliver modern and effective working methods at the highest level. And these are accessible virtually anywhere in Germany and around the world.

So, what are you waiting for? Hit the button below and take this unique opportunity.

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E1 International Investment Holdings Ltd. | One of the main reasons behind E1’s success is our understanding and implementation of the principle of Risk Minimisation. Our broad positioning,  not only in the offered property categories but also in our international representation, is an essential aspect of this principle. Our substantial real estate portfolio provides our local and foreign investors a wide range of investment opportunities worldwide. This accords every investor the unique opportunity to adjust their main levels of Risk, Time, and Capital. Our existing customers value this freedom of choice very much and can always rely on us to acquire the right properties. Based on their stored purchase profile, we only offer the most suitable offers to our customers.

The following chart shows the average distribution of the investment market’s respective investments into the following real estate categories: parks, logistics properties, industrial real estate, hotel real estate, commercial real estate, and residential real estate.


Our strategies and approaches

Due to the extensive network of investors and service providers, employees of E1 are in the daily exchange so that our strategies and approaches can be adapted and implemented in accordance with the current economic situation. The exchange and observation of different markets at home & abroad distinguish the company from every form of competition that exists in the industry. With a large number of employees from our various areas of specialization, it is possible to offer professional assistance to our long-standing customers in the analysis, processing & support of their investments.

Sector Diversification

Traditional brokerage companies are 95 in the end-user business so that the brokerage of investment properties is achieved a maximum of 1-2 times per year. This is not enough for a rapidly growing market to be able to advise real estate investors down to the smallest detail. Due to the fact that E1 specializes only in investment properties, you can support your real estate investors in selecting the right investment and professionally in finding solutions to everyday challenges of all kinds.

Combination of investment properties, development projects, and investments of the other companies

Investors and their goals differ enormously from each other, whether at home or abroad. Among the more than 140,000 real estate investors in our network, we advise from newcomers to professional real estate investors who have particularly influenced our company. However, everyone has one identical goal; to invest the money correctly!

The following tips will help you achieve that goal;

  • For high-profit margins, we recommend buying real estate for privatisation
  • For long-term safe returns, we recommend buying real estate with long-term leases.
  • For inflation-proof investments, we recommend buying properties in AAA+ locations.

Focus: Strategic Asset Management

In order to successfully withstand the market in the long term, we recommend that you have your asset management carried out by renowned companies so that you can concentrate on your core business. Surely, the properties can be several kilometers away from your location, provided you can finance the management of your properties from the surplus. At this point, we advise that when selecting the asset manager and property manager, ensure you carefully review each of them and keep the contracts short-term so that you can make quick decisions in case of dissatisfaction. We would be happy to support you separately at this point, as it is only with your long-term progress that follow-up transactions can be generated, and this is an essential part of our success.

Always stay up to date

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E1+ also enables instant purchases of all kinds of properties. Properties worldwide are matched with your search profile via an algorithm and suggested to you.