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this principle is followed by a new offer from our E1 International Investment Holding: We offer you the possibility of a direct participation in companies that buy and operate real estate. This is all the more interesting because a separate company is set up for each individual purchase. This is how we understand transparency – and that is what complex real estate transactions are all about.

This particular type of real estate investment opens up enormous opportunities for you: many projects already fail due to the basic prerequisites, for example, if a person’s creditworthiness or equity capital alone is not sufficient for a project. Large-volume projects that could generate an interesting return are therefore often stuck halfway enough. The solution: Several investors agree and acquire so-called real estate shares – real estate investments in the millions are thus feasible.

The path from retail to large investor is thus paved: they acquire shares in the company so that the project can be implemented and benefit from the proceeds. These real estate shares can be resold at any time – so you remain extremely flexible and in return can expect an attractive offer from the other shareholders. We are happy to be at your disposal for a detailed discussion of this offer – just give us a call.

E1 Offer: Participation in companies as a lucrative alternative

A few examples should illustrate how we proceed: suppose a property costs EUR 10 million. It earns 500,000 euros a year in rental income, so the return is 5% per year.

Investor I participates with 1 million euros – he receives 10% of the company shares and 50,000 euros in return per year.

Investor II invests 100,000 euros – he receives 1% of the company shares and 5,000 euros in return per year.

Investor III deposits 500,000 euros – receives 5% of the company shares and 25,000 euros return per year.

These conditions are quite impressive, given the extremely low interest rates that have been taking place for years. Real estate enjoys a high reputation as tangible assets anyway: they are in high demand and increase their value with prudent management. And that is exactly what we are focusing on: Competent lawyers, tax consultants and property managers are ready to carry out all the work that is done in a high quality and reliably manner. As a shareholder, you have no need to worry about any additional expenses – you can rely on that.

E1 models: different forms of value investment possible

In developing this particular type of real estate investment, we have oriented ourselves to the well-known real estate funds – you can choose between a closed model and an open one:

The closed model

As with a closed-end real estate fund, the property to be financed is already clear: you can inspect the property and inspect it. You can also calculate exactly how much your annual return will be. Your investment will therefore be used exclusively for the purchase and operation of this property.

The open model

In this case, it is not yet clear which real estate project will be implemented. Your ideas are also in demand here – both in terms of the object and the return you want to realize. The shareholders jointly select the property and decide on the purchase. Only when the required majority is available will the project be implemented.

So you are free to decide: Do you want to rely on the proven expertise of the initiators and generate the stated return without any effort – or do you want to work as an entrepreneur? Of course, you can rely on a smooth and legally verified process for both models – we stand up for this with our in-depth know-how.

Long-time experienced real estate agents wanted for existing customer support!

Modern investments: structured process included

Our aim is to guarantee you the highest level of security – after all, it is a question of enormous amounts being moved. From our point of view, it was all the more important to set up the processes comfortably. We also open up two possibilities for you in this question:

Variant I

You decide on a special project for which a company is founded. You will receive the certificate of purchase of the relevant shares in the company, go to the notary of your trust and sign the acceptance. As soon as the purchase price has been received on the designated account, the shares will be overwritten to you as agreed.

Variant II

You deposit the capital you provide into an escrow account. Subsequently, we will send you the relevant information about new transactions on a weekly basis. So you can weigh up in peace and tell us your interest should a project attract your attention. We will give you access to the data room and complete the transaction.

In any case, you are on the safe side – this is something that attaches great importance to us: it is extremely important to us that such an investment is based on a solid foundation and that you are sustainably successful. Of course, we are happy to go through the steps in detail with you – simply request our expertise.

Do you have any questions or would like to test the real estate franchise?

We look forward to hearing from you!

E1 Participation in companies: many benefits for you

Whichever model and variant of this company participation you choose, they have a whole host of enormous advantages in common:

. The purchased property is professionally checked – by lawyers, external experts and banks.

. You can generate a high profit with little effort – the management of the property is ensured by external property management.

. This concept enables the implementation of large projects in the millions, even for smaller investments.

. They can operate nationwide – nationwide investments usually open up lucrative return prospects.

. As the owner of the property, you can also continue to focus on your core business – all tax and accounting tasks are carried out by a renowned tax office.

. The shares can be sold to third parties at any time and flexibly – as a rule, co-shareholders will make interesting offers to you that will enable you to make an interesting profit.

. Your creditworthiness only plays a minor role if you acquire shares in the company – in contrast, as an investor, you must demonstrate both a flawless SCHUFA or information from credit reform as well as creditworthiness or involvement of a guarantor.

Conclusion: Participation in real estate companies as a lucrative alternative

So there are good reasons for such an investment – and yet you certainly have a lot of questions: It is best to contact us directly, we will gladly take our time for you. These are the details you should pay attention to in such a business model. We will convince you in every respect – take us at our word.

Investing in a secure future

The E1 Investments concept offers a proven system for the solid development of a business as a broker and owner of a real estate business. E1 Real Estate has the infrastructure and operating systems that enable us to offer first-class services with a team of brokers. You are investing in the market of the future.

Benefits for Investors & Owners of Registration with E1 Holding

Competent advice on your investment.

Many years of experience with large investments & large-scale projects.

Our references speak for themselves.

We bring together investors and owners for large-scale projects.

Earn the big money with the right real estate!

With just one shop, you’re in the fast lane! Get in touch now!

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Location analysis

E1 Holding offers location analysis for real estate for almost 100 cities nationwide in all federal states. Our well-trained experts for real estate and investments as well as off-market real estate in various locations and sizes take a professional and authentic look at the real estate market at the respective location. In doing so, we determine realistic and continuously updated real estate prices depending on the market situation as well as a corresponding real estate forecast. We are constantly expanding the list of alphabetically ordered locations and intensively expanding the data base for more and more cities. In addition to investors and investors with budgets of all sizes, our nationwide location analyses are also valuable for housebuilders when deciding on a location. Click here

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