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Cooperation Agreement

Partnerships are an important part of the real estate sector

Reason for the mediation of a property within a cooperation according to IVD guidelines is the main idea of a real estate broker: “A commission is better than no commission”. The cooperation agreement clarifies the fundamental themes of a cooperation, with the aim of establishing a real estate transaction together.

The cooperation agreement clarifies the most important topics:

  • Confidentiality Clause
  • Secrecy clause
  • Customer & Source Protection
  • Provisions
  • Severance clause

The success formula for an effective cooperation

Step 1

Object broker provides – according to the express test of the ability to deliver – a meaningful presentation (without address sufficient) to the customer broker.

Step 2

Customer broker submits the offer to a prospective buyer without address, according to request with a signed letter of intent, receipt of further documents including address.

Step 3

Object broker will provide all documents including address after receipt of the letter of intent and can immediately confirm customer protection by the owner indefinitely.

Step 4

The client broker provides the documents to prospective buyers and arranges a visit date.

Step 5

Object broker informs the customer broker about the details of the visit date, in order to rule out the potential buyer.

Step 6

Customer broker requests a non-binding offer from the potential buyer and forwards this to the object broker. Regardless of whether the offer is acceptable to the seller or not.