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The real estate market in Nuremberg

Continuously on course for growth:


Nuremberg is a booming city. The second largest city in Bavaria has been growing continuously for years. Currently, the Franconia metropolis has around 536,000 inhabitants and ranks 14th in the ranking of the largest cities in Germany. The city of human rights, with its neighbouring towns of Fürth and Erlangen, is the heart of the European metropolitan region of Nuremberg. About 3.6 million people live in this conurbation.

Industry mix gives nuremberg's economy wings

The economic strength in Nuremberg is stable and characterized by a diverse mix of industries. Companies from the service sector, finance, insurance and real estate as well as communications are strongly represented. In addition, internationally renowned companies from the manufacturing and high-tech and medical technology sectors are at home in Nuremberg. The European metropolitan region of Nuremberg is one of the most innovative regions in Germany with a wealth of start-ups and an above-average number of patent applications. Nuremberg generates a gross domestic product of around 30.4 billion euros.

Attractive employers with high radiance in Nuremberg

Nuremberg is the company with well-known companies that are successfully operating on the international market. Made in Nuremberg is the order of the day: the export rate is over 50 percent. The largest employers with excellent career prospects for professionals from all over the world include companies such as Siemens, Datev, GfK, Bosch and Semikron. Schaeffler, Adidas, Leoni and Puma are also represented in the vicinity of Nuremberg.

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Nuremberg is an attractive location for investors

The commercial real estate market in Nuremberg is also booming. Whether it’s hotel properties or office space, demand is growing. In 2019, the transaction volume amounted to 2.1 billion euros – twice as much as in the previous year. The area turnover for office rentals has also doubled to around 191,000 square metres. In all segments, demand exceeds supply. As a result, rental and purchase prices are also developing upwards here.

Recommendations for investors

Real estate prices in Nuremberg are rising. Even if the yield expectations are not as high as a few years ago, a property in Nuremberg is worth investing in. Forecasts prove: The boom in Nuremberg will continue – the influx of highly qualified professionals guarantees property owners a cash-rich tenant at all times. Especially with an attractive condominium close to the city, investors do not take any risks. In view of the projected price development over the next ten years, the recommendation applies: Waiting is not worth it.

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Nuremberg offers a high quality of life

Nuremberg is popular with business travelers, conference and trade fair guests as well as tourists from all over the world. Thanks to its central location and easy access by boat, plane, train and car, the Franconia metropolis is very easy to reach. Studies show that the Nuremberg retail trade is thriving and has a high radiance on the surrounding area. Nuremberg is a university location and messestadt. People from all over the world meet here all year round. Last but not least, the diverse programme of events attracts more than two million guests to the city every year. The inhabitants also appreciate the quality of life in Nuremberg. In 2019, the city ranked 23rd out of the 232 most liveable cities in the world.

The real estate market in Nuremberg

The housing market in Nuremberg is growing dynamically. Rental and purchase prices have increased significantly over the past ten years. The average rent is currently 12.01 euros per square meter. The price development in the districts varies greatly. So you can live in the Hasenbuck especially cheaply, expensive it is in Doos, Maiach and Tafelhof. Housing is generally scarce. A 2017 city study found a vacancy rate of 2.5 percent.
For buyers, an apartment in Nuremberg currently costs around 4,117 euros per square meter – more than three times as much as in 2011. For a house with a size of about 100 square meters, you have to reckon with an average price of about 446,700 euros. In addition, there are additional purchase costs of around ten percent. Private new buildings in Nuremberg are relatively inexpensive at around 4,000 euros per square metre compared to A-metropolises such as Berlin and Munich. However, vacant building plots are hard to find. In the future, the price trend in Nuremberg will continue to increase. It is projected to increase by around 58 percent by 2030.

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