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Hagen is not only the gateway to the Sauerland, but also the city of the distance university. On the edge of the Ruhr area, between Wuppertal, Dortmund, Iserlohn and Bochum lies the district-free city and is part of the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region, the largest metropolitan region in Germany. In Hagen there is a lot of nature, forest alone makes up 42 of the urban area. In addition, there are four rivers, Ruhr, Ennepe, Volme and Lenne. In addition, there is a large cultural offer, many clubs and numerous shopping opportunities. Although Hagen offers a lot of recreational value due to its location and the surrounding nature, it regularly scores only mediocrely in economic studies. In order to counteract this, many construction projects were realized in Hagen, which changed the cityscape. The station forecourt was redesigned, a new town hall was built and Friedrich-Ebert-Platz was also rebuilt. With the Volme-Galerie and the Rathaus-Galerie, Hagen has two modern and new shopping centres that have significantly enhanced the attractiveness of the city centre.

Residents Key Figures Hagen for Real Estate Investments

The city of Hagen is located in North Rhine-Westphalia and had 188,266 inhabitants in 2016. These live on an area of 160.45 km2, which means a density of 1,173 inhabitants per square kilometer. Compared to the previous year, the number of inhabitants in Hagen has decreased, 0.41 fewer people lived in the city in 2016 than in 2015. The declining population is something that makes Hagen a risky city, at least in view of the future. Hagen first achieved its metropolitan status in 1928, the highest population in history had the city in 1975. At that time, 231,840 people lived in Hagen. Since 2005, Hagen has not managed to register more than 200,000 inhabitants, the numbers are constantly falling and the development for the future is similar.

The infrastructure Hagen - ideal for investment properties

With the A1, Hagen is located on one of the most important motorways in North Rhine-Westphalia with a direct connection to the north of the Republic. Hagen is connected to other cities in the Ruhr area and the Sauerland via the A 45, the A46, the B7, the B54 and the B226.

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Rail transport in Hagen

Hagen is directly connected to Berlin by ICE, the Regio covers regional connections and within the city there is a good S-Bahn and bus network for residents and visitors.

Economy & Unemployment Rate Hagen

For a long time Hagen was characterized by heavy industry, but the economy in the city has changed completely. Many companies in the metal industry in particular are located in Hagen, including Varta, Europart Holding and Westfalia.
Hagen also has a great variety in the service sector, and the fashion house chain SinnLeffers, jewellery manufacturer Christ and confectionery manufacturer Hussel are also based in the city.
Credit institutions also contribute to the economic performance of the city, while Märkische Bank and Sparkasse HagenHerdecke are based in Hagen.
The unemployment rate in Hagen was 9.2 in August 2019, above the German average of 3.4 and also the North Rhine-Westphalian average of 7.7 .

Real Estate and Investors Key Figures Hagen

In terms of purchasing power, Hagen is 93.3 below the national average, which is at the standard value of 100. The crime rate in Hagen is also conspicuous, with Hagen only occupying 332 in a nationwide comparison. Place of all cities and regions.
In addition, Hagen is a lot less patented than in other parts of Germany, which speaks for a weak start-up mentality and a less dynamic economy. But the situation is still stable and hagen can change and improve with the appropriate investments.

Basic real estate data

Among the most popular districts in Hagen are the University District, Dahl and the Stadtgartenviertel in the upper Wehringhausen, which is also considered to be the trendy district of the city. Parts of Boele and Ernst are also very popular for living in Hagen.
The vacancy rate in Hagen is 6.9 , which gives investors enough room to choose the right investment property. The price per square metre is cheap at 5.43 € for a 60 m2 apartment, the nationwide average for rental apartments is 6.72 € per m2.

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Buildings and housing statistics in Hagen

There are 30,415 buildings with living space and inhabited accommodation in Hagen in total. Of these, 29,370 are residential-only buildings, 1,006 other buildings with living space and 33 are residential buildings. Other inhabited accommodations are available in Hagen 6 pieces.

Buildings and housing statistics in Bergisch-Gladbach

In Bergisch Gladbach there are 25,932 buildings with living space and other inhabited accommodation. 25,248 of these buildings are residential buildings, 660 buildings are other buildings with living space and 21 dormitories are located in Bergisch Gladbach. Other inhabited accommodations are available in the city 3 times.

Data on single-family homes in Hagen

Of all residential buildings in Hagen, 12,370 are single-family houses. That’s 42.11. 5,049 of these houses are detached, that is 17.19 of all residential buildings. A large number of single-family houses always speaks for many families in the city and in Hagen family friendliness is paramount.

Data on residential buildings in Hagen

Particularly popular as an investment is residential buildings with condominiums. There are 3,923 of them in Hagen, which is 13.36 of all residential buildings. 891 of these apartment buildings are owned by municipalities or municipal housing companies, that is a total of 3.03 .
12.06 of the entire building structure in Hagen is old building and was built before 1919. 36.18 of all properties were built between 1950 and 1969 and 6.47 of all residential buildings are new buildings.

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Investment in real estate: forecast for Hagen

With investments in housing and investments in commercial real estate, a lot can be changed in Hagen. The city needs growth, dynamism and modernity. Especially in the area of urban planning, a lot is still to happen in the future, the city is planning a uniform concept that does not only affect individual districts.

Assessment of the real estate market - Hagen

Compared to other cities, the municipal real estate industry in Hagen plays an important role, which has a positive impact on the real estate market. Investors should keep an eye on the overall development of the city, which has some negative aspects to it. Nevertheless, prices in Hagen are still moderate and the economy is currently broadly positioned with potential development opportunities.

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