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The Ruhr area city of Essen an der Ruhr, generally short Essen is located in the centre of the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region. In North Rhine-Westphalia, Essen is the fourth largest city in Germany, with a city area of 210 km2 and a population of just under 590,000.

Investment property Essen - Bredeney, Kettwig, Werden or Rüttenscheid

Since the end of the 1940s, Essen has been widely known as a shopping city in the Ruhr area and as the European Capital of Culture in 2010. The city of Essen is characterized by numerous commercial, commercial and office properties. The development of the last 10 to 20 years was marked by the transformation of the coal and steel coal and steel industry into high-tech and service. The two DAX companies E.ON and RWE are headquartered in Essen, as well as other companies listed on the MDAX. Hotel properties Essen are just as attractive to the investor as residential buildings and residential complexes, for example in the Margarethenhöhe district.

City profile for location analysis commercial and residential real estate Essen

Essen is literally surrounded by big cities such as Oberhausen, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Bochum or Gelsenkirchen. The Zollverein colliery from the last century has been revitalised into a UNESCO World Heritage Site as a well-known event location. As a matter of industrial change, the real estate situation in Essen for investors as well as for residential property for self-use has changed considerably. Institutional investors find a wide range of opportunities in trade and commerce. Outer districts such as Kettwig, Werden, Heisingen, Kupferdreh and Bredeney have developed into sought-after residential locations.

Perfect infrastructure food on road and rail

The land and real estate prices in Essen are significantly influenced by the almost ideal transport infrastructure. The two motorways A 40 and A 52 run literally across the city. Via the A 52, the car driver reaches Düsseldorf Airport in half an hour’s drive. The Essen/Mülheim airport is located directly on the border with the neighbouring town of Mülheim. Essen is an ICE station of Deutsche Bahn AG. The public transport is tightly meshed with bus, S-, U- and tram seng eneamated into every part of the city. All connections can be used uniformly with the tariffs of the Rhein-Ruhr VRR transport network.

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Residential property Essen - 2017 European Green Capital

The Essen real estate market, which is also expanding at the beginning of the 2020s, can be convincingly explained by some figures and data

– the vacancy rate for rental apartments is constant at just over three percent, with a trend downwards rather than upwards
– at the turn of the year 2019/2020, the unemployment rate was at an all-time low of less than ten percent
– in the case of trades, the number of registrations is visibly above the deregistrations
– disposable income per citizen is well over 20,000 euros/year
– Residential property costs up to just under 10,000 euros depending on the size and location of the local location from 1,800 euros/m2 upwards
– for the modernized existing property, the purchase price starts at just under 3,000 euros/m2
– Rented living space is offered from 9 to 10 Euro/m2 cold rent for the small apartment, open to the top up up to 15 Euros and more in an exposed residential location on the outskirts of Essen as well as in a direct city location if available there

As The 2017 European Environmental Capital, Essen has succeeded in combining environmental protection and economic growth into an outstanding quality of life for its inhabitants.

Essen Bredeney - Nonplusultra Real Estate Location Essen

The 1A residential areas in the districts of Bredeny, Heisingen, Kettwig and Werden are like a junktim with Lake Baldeney as a food recreation destination within sight of Villa Hügel. The Essener Promenade Rüttenscheider Straße offers pure gastronomy and lifestyle. It connects Bredeney with the main railway station for several kilometres. This strand is mainly used to alternate idyllically located residential and state-of-the-art office properties. The werden district is a mix of historic old town and loose development with trade and trade, while Kettwig is densely built up with apartment buildings.

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Real estate Essen 2030 - plan, build, live

With the SIP, special investment programme 2030, Essen wants to shape the cityscape in a forward-looking way through a variety of new construction measures on urban land. These are the best prospects for the investor to participate in new real estate or in energy-renovated existing properties. The Essen concept for the promotion of housing construction “Analysis 2025 on real estate and housing demand as well as strengthening publicly funded housing construction” is considered a promising project.

Conclusion:Food offers a lot of opportunity to build, buy and invest in the new decade.

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