Real estate prices and location analysis Duisburg

Real Estate Prices & Location Analysis Duisburg

Real estate prices Duisburg 2020


At the beginning of the 2020s, the North Rhine-Westphalian city of Duisburg can be described as an insider tip for investors in capital real estate. The city is a good 230 km2 in size, has a population of 500,000 and is located halfway between Essen and the state capital Düsseldorf. One of the best real estate locations in Duisburg are the districts adjacent to the Düsseldorf noble suburb of Kaiserswerth in the Duisburg-Süd district. These are villages such as Ungersheim, Buchholz, Wedau and Wanheim-Angerhausen. Institutional investors will find a diverse selection of commercial and commercial properties in duisburg business parks as well as in urban districts such as Hamborn or Meiderich/Beeck.

Duisburg Real Estate - low-cost investment with a good return

In the search for land or residential property as an investment, the help of the Duisburg investment and real estate agent is not only advisable, it is almost indispensable. The structure of the real estate market in the approximately four dozen districts within the seven boroughs is too diversified and too diverse. Apart from the outer periphery, Duisburg is largely a mixed area of residential, commercial and industrial. Only the local broker has an overview of whether his sole order is feasible, or whether a real estate business with the involvement of property brokers and client brokers is promising.

Duisburg Ruhrort - Commercial and industrial real estate in the world's largest inland port

At the mouth of the Ruhr tributary into the Rhine lies the port of Duisburg with its extensive harbour facilities, industrial and commercial real estate. Port logistics, steel and iron were the defining Duisburg industries of the past decades. The Hafencity has been modernised with its real estate, storage and logistics areas, while the mining industry has been largely replaced by modern high-tech. Over the past ten years, industrial wastelands have become modern industrial parks, which are interesting to attractive for investors with their return.

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City profile Duisburg - industry and commerce, trade and services

Duisburg has always been an important transport hub for road, rail and maritime transport. The drive from Duisburg Central Station to Düsseldorf Airport takes less than half an hour outside the rush hour.

• The vacancy rate on the Duisburg housing market has been constant at five percent for years
• Is about twice as high, also for years, the unemployment rate
• The purchase price for residential property is about 1,400 euros/m2 upwards for the medium-sized comfort apartment
• Developed building land rarely costs more than 400 Euro/m2
• The average cold rent starts from 6 to 7 euros/m2 up to about 12 euros

Modern apartment buildings and idyllic residential complexes on the outskirts of the city

The Duisburg districts are spread over both sides of the Rhine and are easily connected by several Rhine bridges. Comfortable to luxurious properties as residential property in the apartment building are mainly located near the two neighbouring cities of Mülheim and Düsseldorf. Duisburg-Rahm, with 700 inhabitants/km2, is rather rural-idyllic, as is Mündelheim. Here the tram runs from Duisburg via Kaiserswerth to Düsseldorf, as they say, over the far country. In Duisburg-Buchholz, office and commercial properties predominate with the Duisburg Accident Clinic in the centre of attention.

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Top residential location in Duisburg-Süd from Wedau to Mündelheim

In terms of the Duisburg real estate situation, the district of Duisburg-Süd with the districts of Wedau to Mündelheim is the city’s top residential location. Modern residential complexes in property and rent as well as office and hotel properties are of interest to the investor. The Duisburg real estate agent of the trust will be able to convey one or the other off-market property in Mündelheim near the Düsseldorf districts of Kaiserswerth and Wittlaer quite discreetly. Incidentally, the situation for residential property is quite tense and that of comfortable rental apartments for the multi-member family is more than manageable.

Real estate forecast 2030 - slightly rising purchase prices for residential property

Property prices in the coming years are in line with the negative trend of the entire Ruhr region, which has been expected for some time. But with a skilful hand and the local real estate agent at his side, both investors and buyers will find one or the other suitable property here in Duisburg.

In addition to office and commercial real estate, investment in nursing, old people’s and senior property is also in demand in the future. They will be modernised throughout the city and expanded to meet their needs. Land prices remain stable rather than rising or falling significantly. Residential property, on the other hand, may well become more expensive, although here too modernization and core renovation of existing buildings visibly exceeds the new construction of condominiums.

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