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The professional location analysis is the guarantor of the high-yield investment. The purchase price must be reasonable to justified at the time of the investment for the private or commercial property. The focus is on an expected increase in value in the next five to ten years. The framework conditions for such an objective for the investment property include exposed location, secure and high rental yield and the avoidance of vacancy. The investor finds these and other positive conditions here in the North Rhine-Westphalian state capital Düsseldorf.

The city profile Düsseldorf at the interface of two metropolitan regions

The city on the Rhine with its almost 220 km2 is divided into ten districts, and these are again divided into several dozen districts. With its 620,000 inhabitants, Düsseldorf is the second largest city nationwide after the city of Cologne, with a population density of around 2,900 inhabitants per km2. The population is growing steadily and permanently mainly in Düsseldorf districts such as Kaiserwerth or Benrath. The “Japanese community” is known beyond the city and country borders with numerous companies and residents from the land of the rising sun.

The düsseldorf infrastructure - ideal for investment properties

Düsseldorf offers an almost perfect infrastructure in the air and on water, as well as by road and rail. Düsseldorf Airport is one of the largest international airports in Germany. More than half a dozen federal highways and federal highways can be reached within 15 minutes by car from the city. The long-distance rail network and public transport system is dense in all directions with a tight time interval. In sum, this transport infrastructure enables a job commute to work, university and university that is largely trouble-free on a daily basis.

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Düsseldorf: Work and economic situation - specialist market and shopping centres in many districts

Due to its location at the interface between the two metropolitan regions of Rhine-Ruhr and Rhineland, Düsseldorf is the destination of living, working and living for around 20 million people. Düsseldorf is a world-renowned location. Many of the companies and corporations listed in the DAX, such as E.ON, Henkel and Vonovia, are headquartered in the city on the Rhine. Strong economic sectors include business and legal advice, specialist, wholesale and retail trade, as well as media, information technology and data traffic.

Education & Culture as well as Sports & Leisure with a lot of future

About 50,000 students are enrolled at more than two dozen universities, colleges and private colleges, most notably Heinrich Heine University. Highlights in art and culture include the Düsseldorf Media Harbour, Stadttheater, Opera and Cabaret or museums and libraries. The green areas, such as public parks, which are spread throughout the city, are a sought-after recreational destination on both sides of the Rhine at any time of the year. Around 110,000 members of all ages are organised in the more than 350 sports clubs. And Düsseldorf’s Old Town, with its extremely high density of pubs, is one of the attractions of the Rhine metropolis.

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Top residential locations & attractive trades with positive real estate forecast for Düsseldorf

The districts of Oberkassel and Niederkassel as well as the Düsseltal valley are among the top residential areas in the immediate vicinity of the city centre. Düsseldorf districts such as Benrath, Garath or Kaiserwerth are at least as sought after and comparable in price. Here and there, the average purchase price is 3,400 euros per m2 upwards up to well over 4,000 euros. On average, the m2 prices are 1,000 euros cheaper in districts such as Unterbilk or Düsseldorf-Grafenberg. In Wittlaer, next to Kaiserswerth, a life and living in a rural atmosphere is still possible. Along the railway line from Düsseldorf to Duisburg, a new residential area is developing in the upscale segment. An insider’s tip for the new decade is the Oberbilk district with its mix of modern office buildings and luxurious private property. For developed building land in a good location, 600 up to 1,000 euros per m2 must be paid. The Düsseldorf rental mirror shows an average cold rent of 12 euros with an increasing trend. Still and more than ever, Düsseldorfer Kö is the nonplusultra for trade and commerce.

Expected preview of the 2020decade on the Düsseldorf real estate market

With a vacancy rate of less than two percent with rents rising at the same time, Düsseldorf is very well positioned on the national average. High quality of life, rising employment growth and private and commercial influx are causing a noticeable shortage of housing and commercial space; this in turn has a direct impact on the rental and purchase price development in the coming years.

The state capital is a prime example of the continuing trend towards living in the city on the one hand, but also for the property in the countryside on the outskirts of the city with the daily commute on the other.

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