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The Free Hanseatic City of Bremen is not only a magnet for tourists, but also has a lot to offer investors in real estate. Over the past decade, investment property prices in the city-state have only been able to move upwards.

Real estate prices Bremen

The northwestern city on the River Weser is one of the 14 largest German cities. In the last 10 years, the purchase prices for houses have increased particularly, they are no longer significantly away from the national average prices. The increase in the purchase price for condominiums in Bremen was less spectacular. Specialist portals and experts estimate that the price development for condominiums will be dynamic until 2030. They foresee an increase in square metre prices for Bremen by almost 60 percent. Compared to the top 7 cities in Germany, however, real estate and land prices in the Hanseatic city are still comparatively moderate.

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Bremen is characterised by low vacancies in the commercial sector, and the vacancy rate for commercial real estate is around 3 percent. It dominates the business with small-scale rentals. Due to the combination of the port groups Bremen and Bremerhaven, halls and areas for logistics and specialist market centres are in high demand. The business location Bremen scores with innovative industries such as aerospace, digitalization, automotive and the maritime logistics industry. The largest employers in Bremen are Daimler, Kliniken Gesundheit Nord, BLG Logistics Group, Arcelor Mittal and Deutsche Post.

Although there is a lot of construction activity in Bremen, the demand for housing cannot be met. As a result of the increase in demand, purchase prices have risen faster than rental prices over the last 5 years. Upscale residential areas in Bremen are The Old Town, Radio Bremen, Steintor and Bürgerpark. Exclusive residential areas with villas and Art Nouveau houses can be found in the district of Schwachhausen. Quiet residential districts with lots of greenery and water are Oberneuland and Horn-Lehe. However, offices and shops predominate in a central location in the city of Bremen. A successful example of economic strength and quality of life in mixed-use real estate is the urban development project in the overseas city.

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Return on investment properties in Bremen

4 to 5 percent net initial return can be achieved for medical houses, logistics properties, car parks, office properties and selected commercial properties. Realistic returns for residential buildings or condominiums are slightly lower, between 2 and 3 percent. The amount of the return depends on the quality of the location as well as the age and equipment of the property.

Investors can also save tax on real estate. Broker commission, loan interest, property tax, repair, renovation, refurbishment costs and part of the operating costs can be deducted from the tax. The buyer of a house in Bremen can deprealy-write off the impairment of the building on a linear basis. For houses that were completed from 1925 onwards, with 2 percent per year and for older buildings year after year with 2.5 percent of the purchase and production costs.

Consequences of the Corona Virus for the Bremen Real Estate Market

In contrast to other major cities, Bremen was less affected by Covid-19 thanks to strict quarantine measures. The resulting large level of uncertainty has a delay in affecting the real estate market. Construction projects and major investments in the commercial real estate market will be postponed at most. Owners of hotel properties, shopping malls or a business park face short-term rental income losses, but not a prolonged real estate crisis. Residential real estate has lost none of its attractiveness as an investment, as there are no safe and rewarding investment alternatives. Solid tangible assets will continue to be in demand.

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Real estate forecast Bremen 2030 - more than just the Federal Capital

The population of the city of Bremen has been growing continuously since 2011. Experts expect the population to increase by 2030 due to immigration. However, because at the same time the number of households is growing much faster, housing cannot meet rental demand. The proximity to the North Sea or the state capitals of Hamburg and Hanover as well as the attractive combination of nature, water, technology and historical building material speak for an investment in Bremen’s investment properties. The location offers prospects for future price increases.

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