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From 1949 to 1990 Bonn was the provisional capital of the Federal Republic of Germany and until 1999 even the seat of government until the final move to Berlin took place. Bonn is the only city in Germany to be entitled “Federal City” and six federal ministries still have their first official residence in the bustling city on the Rhine. All other federal ministries are based in Berlin, but also have a second headquarters in Bonn.

General Real Estate Information about Bonn

The city thus still has an important political significance for Germany and apart from that it is home to two of the largest companies in the country with international relevance and stock market listing. Both Deutsche Post and Deutsche Telekom are based in Bonn. With Postbank, there is even a third DAX group in the city.

Bonn as a metropolis for conferences

In addition, many national and international conferences are held in Bonn and many United Nations agencies are based in Bonn. Many international visitors are therefore regular guests in Bonn and the city is a meeting place for people from all over the world. Bonn is also a student city with more than 36,000 students, of whom almost 5,000 are from abroad.

A survey of Bonn entrepreneurs has shown that the topics of safety, tolerance and cosmopolitanism, air and environmental quality, health quality, shopping and care and public transport in the city are highly valued. This speaks to a high quality of life, which should play a major role in the decision to invest.

The city offers a high recreational value with its location on the Rhine, the 160 hectare recreation area Rheinaue, the proximity to the Seven Mountains and other attractive leisure regions. With the Beethoven Festival, the Bonn Festival, music festivals and numerous other events, Bonn attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Due to their location on the Rhine, the Bonners have the longest river in Europe right outside the door and can enjoy their surroundings at any time of the year.

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Infrastructure of the city of Bonn

Bonn is very well connected and is located on the a59, A555, A562 and A565 motorways. Not only can the neighbouring city of Cologne be easily reached via these motorways, but also the A1, the A3 and the A4 are connected via these motorways and connect Bonn with Düsseldorf, the Ruhr area, Frankfurt, Aachen, other corners of Germany and even the Netherlands and Belgium. The federal roads B9, B42 and B56 lead into the Eifel and as far as Rhineland-Palatinate.

Bonn Central Station is a central stop for long-distance ICs and ICEs, and regional trains connect some points within the city. In addition, the routes extend to many parts of North Rhine-Westphalia and as far as Rhineland-Palatinate.

The port of Bonn is a central cargo handling point for shipping traffic on the Rhine and Bonn is also well connected via airspace. With Cologne/Bonn Airport, which is only 16 kilometres from Bonn city centre, germany is the sixth largest airport with international connections to Europe and the world with 12.38 million passengers in 2017.

Economic key figures Bonn

Bonn is particularly well represented in the services sector and the three largest companies in the city, Deutsche Post, Deutsche Telekom and Postbank, together represent 32,415 employees. As a result, around 10 of the Bonn-based companies work for these three companies and there are also 16,000 medium-sized companies with numerous employees. In August 2018, the unemployment rate in Bonn was 6.5, only slightly above the national average of 5.2 .

Basic real estate data at the Bonn site

The real estate market in Bonn is booming and rental prices in the federal city have risen in recent years. From historic old-fashioned apartments in the dignified founding quarter to modern new buildings in the still growing government district, investors can choose from a variety of properties and invest in both commercial and residential real estate.

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Top Residential Areas in Bonn, Germany

In Bonn there are many charming neighborhoods, which are among the most popular residential areas of the city. These include the Bonn Valley Quarter, better known as the southern city of Bonn, Beuel-Süd, parts of the Brüser Berg and the Bad Godesberg with Mehlem, Muffendorf and the Rheinaue, which was incorporated in 1969.

The government district of Gronau, close to many authorities and the UN campus, is also very popular, the Postbank and the German Post have its headquarters in this district.

Furthermore, Ippendorf, Hoholz, the centre around the KoblenzGate and Poppelsdorf are very popular. Poppelsdorf in particular is close to the centre and offers popular nightlife options with many restaurants and cafés. With only 2.62 vacancies in 2017, Bonn is one of the cities with good real estate occupancy. At €9.67, the price per square metre is in the upper third in Germany and has risen steadily in recent years.

Real estate stock in Bonn

In Bonn there are a total of 56,593 buildings with living space and inhabited accommodation. 54,328 of these buildings are residential-only buildings and 2,084 of all buildings are other buildings with living space. There are 175 dormitories in the city, including numerous student dormitories, nursing homes and retirement homes. In addition, there are six other inhabited accommodations. There are also many trades in Bonn. Both in the city centre and outside, investors can look around and find the right property for them to invest in commercial real estate.

Data on single-family homes in Bonn

Of all residential buildings in Bonn, 29,642 houses are single-family houses, which makes up 54.56 of all residential buildings. There are 9,901 houses, i.e. 18.22 of all residential buildings. The high number of single-family houses suggests that Bonn is a popular city for families who have settled in the various districts of the federal city.

Data on residential buildings in Bonn

8,289 of all residential buildings are divided into condominiums, i.e. 15.26 . Condominiums are popular investment properties and a total of 1,003 (1.85 of all residential buildings with condominiums) are owned by municipalities or municipal housing companies. 14.31 of all buildings in Bonn were built before 1919, which means a high old building rate in Germany. Between 1950 and 1969, 35.45 of all houses were built in Bonn and the new construction rate (residential buildings built after 2000) is not as high at 7.77 compared to other German cities.

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Investment in real estate: forecast for Bonn

Although the city’s growth in business start-ups has slowed slightly (especially in the IT sector), the curve is still pointing upwards. Bonn is constantly growing and has the potential to grow even further in the future. The internationality of the city, the large companies located there and also the well-positioned middle class make the city an attractive location. The city is doing a lot for its growth – more and more events are taking place, a lot is being redesigned in the city centre and more and more companies are settling in Bonn and are increasing the attractiveness of the city.

Assessment of the real estate market - Bonn

If you want to invest in apartments or other residential properties in Bonn, you have to expect high prices. In the sought-after residential areas, it is sometimes difficult to find properties, as the market is fiercely competitive and the city is becoming increasingly popular for housing. From an investment point of view, this represents a difficult entry into the market, but it offers plenty of potential and, due to the growth of the city, offers opportunities for returns in the future.

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