Digital Age Challenges


When discussing real estate investment, it’s common to hear remarks suggesting that foundational investment principles remain unchanged over decades. In the modern era, where digital transactions and communication dominate, investors face a unique set of challenges, especially in the real estate investing sector. From managing visibility in an oversaturated market to ensuring efficient communication with brokers, investors navigate a series of hurdles. Yet, with the emergence of platforms like E1 Plus, solutions are at hand. Read on to know how to invest in real estate without any hassle.  

Limited Visibility in the Digital Era

With the digital age flooding the market with vast amounts of information, investors often find it challenging to showcase their acquisition criteria effectively. This limited visibility can result in missed opportunities and reduced efficacy in real estate investment. 

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E1 Plus provides its users with up to 50 new global property offers daily. Not only does this steady stream of properties enhance the chances of finding the right match, but it also ensures that investors don’t have to invest excessive resources to market their acquisition profiles. The platform inherently uplifts their presence in the market. 

Lack of Specialized Investment Property Brokers 

Most real estate brokers cater to individual homeowners and renters, given that this demographic form a large portion of the market. This focus often leaves a gap in expertise when it comes to real estate investment, which require a different skill set and knowledge base.  Moreover, investment properties aren’t just about location; they’re about yield, potential for appreciation, tax implications, and more. The nuanced requirements of this niche are often not met by generalist brokers. 

With E1 Plus, investors are given a doorway to an international network of real estate investing experts. Moreover, they can directly contact property owners and mandate holders, bypassing the generalist brokers altogether helping real estate investing for beginners.  

Time Wasted on Inappropriate Offers 

In the age of online listings, investors are bombarded with a multitude of offers. However, not all these offers align with their unique criteria, leading to hours wasted on screening unsuitable options. Furthermore, while many platforms promise personalized listings based on algorithms, these algorithms are not foolproof. They can often serve up properties that are tangential at best to an investor’s core requirements. 


E1 Plus enables quick evaluations based on essential data points. As a result, investors can rapidly shortlist properties that align with their goals. Furthermore, Lifetime and External Partners receive offers automatically matched to their criteria, ensuring relevance. 

Difficulty in Capturing and Identifying Offers 

With properties listed on multiple platforms, investors may come across the same property more than once, leading to confusion and inefficiencies in the evaluation process. 

E1 Plus provides mechanisms that reduce the risk of dual commissions. This ensures clarity in offer assignments. Moreover, the platform’s digital expression of interest safeguards the claims of all involved parties. 

Broker Communication Overload 

As brokers rush to close deals, they bombard investors with numerous calls and emails. While this might seem like thorough service, it often translates to investors wading through multiple repetitive or irrelevant offers. Moreover, brokers, especially those not specialized in real estate investment, might not fully understand an investor’s acquisition goals, leading to misaligned offers and wasted time. 

E1 Plus streamlines the process by automatically sending offers as soon as they’re uploaded. Additionally, with a comprehensive blacklist, investors can steer clear of unreliable market players, ensuring more targeted and reliable communications. 


Time Lost due to Intermediaries and Broker Chains: 

In the real estate investing market, a single property transaction might involve multiple intermediaries – from brokers to agents to representatives. Each layer not only slows down the process but can also introduce miscommunication. 


With each intermediary, the core information about a property can get distorted, leading to misinformed decisions. 

E1 Plus allows investors to get in touch directly with property owners, eliminating the need for intermediaries. Additionally, the platform assumes the responsibilities of an acquisition department, providing flexibility and efficiency. 

Insufficient Information in Offer Assessments 

Many online listings, in a rush to get to the market, often lack comprehensive details. Investors then have to chase down this information, leading to unnecessary delays. 


In the absence of complete digital data, investors might need multiple site visits, meetings, or calls, leading to prolonged acquisition timelines. 

Transparency through Accurate Location Details & Efficient Expression of Interest 

E1 Plus opens the doors to over 1,183 international investment properties that match investor criteria. Furthermore, Platinum investors are separately notified about emergency offers, creating avenues for potentially lucrative real estate investment. 

Missed Opportunities Due to Competition 

In the digital age, property listings can go live and be closed within short spans. Investors not continuously plugged in might miss out. 


With digital listings, a property is visible to international investors, intensifying competition. Local investors now compete on a global stage, making prompt action crucial. 

E1 Plus provides its users with attractive real estate investment abroad, ensuring they remain competitive in the international market. Moreover, Lifetime Platinum Investors benefit from direct negotiations with owners, eliminating additional costs linked to brokerage commissions. 

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