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To look for an investment and find the right

Looking for an investment and finding the right one for your own needs are two different pairs of shoes. Especially in the real estate sector there are certainly real bargains waiting, which can end up with a good return, but in some cases there is also the danger that you can buy an object, which in the end can in no way bring the hoped-for profit. The brokers of E1 Holding can remedy this situation. The experienced experts are at your side in the picturesque south-west of Germany from the search of the property to the purchase contract and accompany you with all questions and problems that may be present.

Best real estate agent in Süßen for off market real estate Helmut Dick
Real Estate Agents Süßen - Helmut Dick
  • Real Estate Franchise License: .Platinum
  • Entry in the real estate industry: 1992
  • Entrepreneurs since: 1989
  • Transactions: >300
  • Average annual turnover: six digits
  • Strengths: Concepts land and new construction projects, residential complexes, development and marketing of commercial real estate
  • Advantages over customers: Friendly, competent support
  • Languages: German
  • Mediation Focus: Residential complexes, commercial real estate, nursing homes, specialist market centres, land, new construction projects Housing
  • District: Private properties regional – investment properties nationwide
  • International real estate: Occasional

In business since 1992 and fully skilled: Helmut Dick is your real estate agent Süßen

Anyone who has been in business for such a long time as Helmut Dick knows what is important in order to be able to deliver the optimal offer as a broker for the people. The Real Estate broker Süßen takes full care of his clients and helps them to find their way around the market of investment properties and to find the right property for their individual needs.

In an intensive preliminary discussion, you will discuss with your real estate agent Süßen, one of the absolute experts of E1 Holding, what your goal should be when buying an investment property in Süßen and where you want to return.

The information given here is always a model for the brokers Süßen for the future work with you, as one will try to get into the real estate sector as best as possible. Thanks to the intensive preparatory work, the further cooperation between you and the employees of E1 Holding can proceed in an optimal manner and be completely tailored to you and your individual needs.


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Why choose E1 Holding?

E1 International Investment Holding GmbH has been active in the real estate business since 2007. The current transaction volume amounts to more than EUR 2.4 billion for more than 4,700 real estate transactions. E1 Holding is your answer to the real estate business. Get amazing investment agreements when you buy a property and benefit from the sale of a property.
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The south-west of Germany as an ideal investment location: With the Real Estate Agent Süßen at your side

It has long since arrived in the middle of society that investment properties can usually generate higher profits than if you invest in the old products such as the daily money account or in a building savings contract.

Especially in times of low interest rate policy on the part of the ECB, which still seems to be no end, real estate is a welcome alternative for investors. Accordingly, prices are already very high in many areas of Germany. In the south-west of Germany, however, the brokers Süßen can still find attractive investment properties for you and accompany you expertly on the way to the purchase.


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