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E1 International Investment is a holding company with several real estate agents all over germany and turkey aiming for a joint market presence under one brand. The company, back then operating under the name of „Erdogdu Immobilien“ was founded in 2007 by Wiesbaden citizen Muharrem Erdogdu as single proprietership and is evolving further ever since. While the main business was focussing on end-consumer business in the Rhine-Main-Area during the first two years of operation, it grew over the following years continously. The companies main business shifted gradually to the sector of investment real estate and was completely changed after several property transactions concerning apartment houses and commercial properties by the year of 2011. Deals were achieved with Frankenbach, one of  germany’s biggest shipping companies to name only one. Along with the change of the main business area a new brand and trademark as well as a new marketing strategy were developed. From this time on the company was known as „E1 Immobilien“ and became established all over germany with it’s slogan: „Einfach die Nummer 1“ which translates to: simply number one. The new market presence allowed many new achievements with well-known companies such as massive transactions regarding factories of the steel foundry Passavat-Geiger. The increasing growth and additional sales mandates required restrictions to transactions with volumes in excess of one million euro. In the year of 2014 E1 made deals of major importance. Transactions worth tens of millions regarding industrial facilities in Frankfurt and even transactions worth billions. During the same year the company’s expansion within germany began and surpassed the boarders of the home country over the course of the next year. Worldwide recognition and interconnection were accomplished with the founding of a stock company in the metropolis of Istanbul. A considerable office of 600 square meters size, right next to the stadium of Galatasaray and overlooking the skyline of the city graces the cityscape ever since. The founding of „E1 International Investment Holding GmbH“ as a holding and a parent company for all subsidiaries herald the start of a new era of the company’s history. Headquartered in Wiesbaden, Germany the company acts leading and representing all subsidiaries. General managers at multiple locations of Germany like Berlin, Dortmund, Duisburg, Karlsruhe, Lübeck and Trier, as well as a lot of other cities came and work together representing E1 under a single brand. A large team of open-minded, partially young, partially more experienced women and men cooperate with one goal in mind: „To be the number one in the branch of investment.“ E1 is until today in high reputation of being one of the first and leading service providers in the segment of off-market investment property.

Where are we?

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Our Activities & Services

One of the main reason for E1’s long lasting growth is the principle of risk minimization. Being well positioned, not only in the segment of our offered property categories, but also being present internationally is an important aspect. Our considerable portfolio offers investors worldwide an extensive selection of investment opportunities, which furthermore allow them to adjust the most substantial indicators „risk“ – „time“ – „capital“ individually. Our long term customers appreciate this freedom of choice and can always rely on us to find the right estates. Based on the communicated acquisition profile, we only propose the best matching offers to our customers.

The following graph shows the average patition of each investment in the market in the following categories: car parks, logistics properties, industrial properties, hotels, commercial properties and living properties.

Our Strategies & Approaches

Through the large network of investors and service providers, employees of the company E1 are exchanged on a daily basis so that the strategies and approaches can be adapted and implemented in the short term to the current economic situation. The exchange and observation of different markets in Germany and abroad distinguishes the company from your selection of investment opportunities. With the multitude of employees from the various sectors, it is possible to support long-term existing customers in the analysis, processing & support of your investments.

Broad Sector Diversification

Classic brokerage companies are 95% active in the end-user business, so that the placement of investment property is reached a maximum of 1-2 times a year. This is not sufficient for a fast-growing market to be able to advise property investors down to the smallest detail. Due to the fact that E1 is currently only specialized in investment property, you can not only support your real estate investors in the selection according to the appropriate investment, but also professionally in solving everyday challenges of all kinds.

Combination of Investment Properties, Development Projects and Investments in Other Companies

The investors and their goals differ enormously. Among the more than 140,000 real estate investors, we advise from new entrants to professional real estate investors, who have particularly shaped our company. But all have the same goal: The Right Investment!

  • For high profit margins, we recommend the purchase of real estate for privatization
  • For long-term safe returns, we recommend buying real estate with long-term leases
  • For inflation-proof investment, we recommend the purchase of real estate in AAA + locations

Focus: Strategic Asset-Management

In order to be successful in the market in the long term, we recommend that asset management be carried out by renowned companies so that you can focus on your core business. Certainly the real estate can be several kilometers from your location, provided you can finance the management of your properties from the surplus. At this point, we advise the selection of the asset manager and house manager to keep audits and contracts rather short term so that you can make quick decisions in case of dissatisfaction. We would be pleased to assist you at this point, since only long-term success can be used to generate subsequent transactions, which is an essential part of our success.

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