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Our focus: Off-market investment properties

Welcome to E1 Holding – we are your reliable partner for investment properties and international real estate investments. Our focus is on off-market properties, which we successfully broker to you thanks to our international network and our in-house CRM development (PropTec). We have been successfully operating in the field of investment properties since 2007 and have long-standing customers and contractual partners worldwide, including ORKA Investment, VK Anlagen, Recoseg, Berger Gruppe, Imwest, Mentoreal, ASAP, Catena Development, Stellberg Wohnbau, Parcadia, and many others.

We offer you individual advice and long-term partnerships to support your investment decisions. With E1 Plus, you as an investor have new opportunities and benefit from our unique international system. We want to help you increase your chances of establishing contacts with foreign investors while minimizing risk and maximizing your return as an investor.

Our extensive network includes a database of more than 244,000 investor purchase profiles and 1,107 sales mandates for investment properties worldwide, which are exclusively offered off-market. We are excited to show you the diverse opportunities we offer as an investor, broker, or owner, and invite you to register now for a free one-month full version of E1 Plus.

We look forward to demonstrating how our expertise and know-how can help you achieve your investment goals.

The best deals are often found off-market, not on the open market. We specialize in trading off-market properties and can offer lucrative deals that are not publicly available due to our exclusive connections and networks. Thanks to our international network, we can also provide you with access to foreign investment opportunities that would otherwise be hard to find. Trust our expertise and experience to find the best investment opportunities and benefit from exclusive deals.

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References of E1 Holding - Examples of successful Off Market real estate transactions

As a specialized company for Off Market real estate transactions, discretion and professionalism are the most important principles of our work. Our clients value anonymity highly, which is why we are only allowed to publish a limited number of references. Nevertheless, we would like to present you with some examples of successful transactions that demonstrate the competence and performance of E1 Holding. The 18 references we present to you provide exact information on the precise location, client/owner, and buyer of each property. However, please note that these references represent only a small selection of our extensive brokerage activities. We are proud to have carried out numerous successful Off Market transactions in recent years and look forward to supporting you in your real estate project.

Discreet Sale: E1 Holding Successfully Sells Multi-Family Residential Complex

E1 Holding has successfully sold a residential complex consisting of 17 multi-family houses with a total of 85 residential units to a private investor. The sale was conducted without advertising on real estate portals and to long-standing customers. The residential complex was located in Kassel Lohfelden and was sold by a real estate company based in Neu-Ulm. The notarization was carried out by the notary Mr. Dr. Peter Gamon with his office in Frankfurt am Main.

E1 Investments Successfully Sells Retail Center in Bad Kreuznach

E1 Investments has successfully sold the Martini retail center in Bad Kreuznach. The retail center has a sales area of 7,400 sqm and a plot of land of 14,916 sqm and was sold by a fund company. The notarization took place in Bad Kreuznach. The sale was conducted Off Market, without advertising on real estate portals.

E1 Investments Sells 4 BMW Car Dealerships to TRIWO AG in Trier in Off-Market Transaction

E1 Investments has successfully sold a total of 4 BMW car dealerships in an Off-Market transaction to TRIWO AG in Trier. TRIWO AG is a family-owned corporation and a significant player in the real estate industry in southwestern Germany. The car dealerships were sold at a double-digit factor and are already successfully owned by TRIWO AG today. TRIWO AG was already known as a bidder for the Hahn Airport and is trusted by E1 Investments.

Flüchtlingsheim Wiesbaden Berliner Strasse

BB Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH Acquires Refugee Shelter in Wiesbaden from E1 Investments

BB Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH, based in Wiesbaden, has successfully acquired the refugee shelter located at Berliner Str. 160 in 65205 Wiesbaden from E1 Investments. The selling company RGG Immobilien GmbH had already entrusted E1 Investments with the successful sale of the management company in Rüdesheim am Rhein in June 2013. For the refugee shelter, the selling company RGG Immobilien GmbH ultimately demanded €11.1 million. The transaction was notarized in March 2017. After the rental agreement with the City of Wiesbaden expires, the property can be developed according to the B-Plan with 40 apartments and 29 Rheinhäusern.


E1 Investments brokers administrative building in Rüdesheim am Rhein to long-standing customer

E1 Investments was able to successfully broker an administrative building in Rüdesheim am Rhein to a long-standing customer. The building, built in 1972 and renovated in 1994, was completely modernized in terms of energy in 2012 and houses the vehicle registration office as well as a sign service. The main tenant of the building is the Rheingau-Taunus district and the lease was just renewed and runs until June 2023. The seller was RGG Immobilien GmbH in Taunusstein.

Mr. Muharrem Erdogdu brokers 554 vacant residential units in Stendal to Mr. Phillip Zodtner

In 2017, Mr. Muharrem Erdogdu received the sales mandate for the vacant residential blocks in Stendal from RAKS AG. After a complex process that lasted 7 months, he was able to broker the 554 vacant residential units, which had been empty since 2009, to Mr. Phillip Zodtner from Binsbach. The marketing activities were followed by the local press, including AZ-Online and the Allgemeine Zeitung.

Sale of residential complex in Aarbergen to real estate investor

The existing properties of the former Pasavantwerke in Aarbergen were sold to Eregona GmbH, represented by Mr. Dipl. Ing. A.A. The notarization took place through the Doerr & Partner notary office, and present were Mr. A.A. from Greece accompanied by his wife, as well as representatives of the selling company, which are the legal successors of the former Pasavantwerke. A total of 8 multi-family houses with 76 residential units and 20 garages were sold in Heidestraße in 65326 Aarbergen. The brokerage firm E1 Immobilien in Wiesbaden was involved as the broker, which was commissioned by a contracting company.

E1 Investments brokers sale of commercial park in Bad Münder

A commercial park in Bad Münder was brokered by E1 Investments and sold to Mr. Gerhard Benneck from Langenfeld. The sales mandate was issued by Mr. Robert Braun. The commercial park has an area of over 30,000 sqm and the sale was completed as a share deal.

2 Mehrfamilienhäuser mit insgesamt 48 Wohneinheiten in Kaiserlautern Reichswaldstraße 20-26 & Feuerbachstraße 18-22 in 67657 Kaiserslautern,

Sale of existing properties in Kaiserslautern by E1 Investments

E1 Investments has sold existing properties of Kubus13 to Alpha Real Estate Group. The notarization of the 2 apartment buildings took place in Kaiserslautern and the condominium sales company Alpha Real Estate Group was represented by a representative. A total of 2 apartment buildings with a total of 48 residential units were sold in Kaiserslautern. E1 Investments in Wiesbaden acted as the broker, which was commissioned by a long-standing customer.


Sale of residential and commercial building in prime location of Düsseldorf by E1 Holding

E1 Holding successfully sold a residential and commercial building with 90 units in a prime location of Düsseldorf to a long-standing customer. The building, built in 1965 and consisting of 86 residential and 4 commercial units, was exclusively marketed by E1 and sold within 7 weeks. The new owner, a real estate developer, plans to privatize the residential units and will initially retain the 4 stores located on the ground floor.


Sale of residential complex in Gröbzig by E1 Holding

E1 Holding successfully sold a residential complex consisting of 137 units in Gröbzig to a Greek investor in a share deal transaction. The protocol was carried out in the offer and acceptance procedure. The seller of the real estate company was a public figure. The residential complex had already approved the declaration of division before the sale, so a total of 137 condominiums were acquired with the purchase.

Standortanalyse 2023 Immobilien Fürth

E1 Holding successfully sells residential property for retirement

E1 Holding successfully sold a residential property with 24 apartments in Wetzlar to a private investor who wishes to retain the property for their retirement portfolio. The sale was notarized and the buyer had been registered as a client with E1 Investments since 2012, searching for the appropriate property for their retirement. E1 Holding is pleased to be able to assist a long-standing customer in achieving their financial goals.

Max Immoinvest

E1 Holding sells Niedersachsen portfolio with 185 residential units and 17 commercial units to Citie GmbH from Münster

E1 Holding has successfully sold the Niedersachsen portfolio consisting of a total of 185 residential units and 17 commercial units to Citie GmbH from Münster. The purchase agreement was notarized. The owner, Max Immovest Verwaltungs-GmbH and Max Invest Verwaltungs GmbH, as well as the object identifier M54321-22E, are anonymized. The selling price for the portfolio was 9.75 million EUR. Owner: Max Immovest Verwaltungs-GmbH, Max Invest Verwaltungs GmbH, Object Identifier M54321-22E, Buyer: Citie GmbH, Münster, Purchase Agreement Notarized.

E1 Holding sells 3 multi-family houses to VK Anlagen

VK Anlagen from Offenbach successfully acquired 3 multi-family houses with a total of 124 residential units through E1 Holding. This is the second successful transaction with long-standing client VK Anlagen, Mr. Keller. The purchase price was 10.9 million EUR and the transaction took place in 2019. The multi-family houses with 124 apartments are located in 56574 Weißenthurm.


E1 Holding records successful sale of 90 rented residential units in Kleve to real estate investor T.N. from Würzburg

E1 Holding has successfully sold 90 rented residential units on Brüningstraße in Kleve to long-standing client, real estate investor T.N. from Würzburg. The notarization was completed in August 2018 after a successful due diligence examination.


E1 Holding sells residential and commercial building in prime location in Mainz city center

E1 Holding successfully sold a residential and commercial building located at Flachsmarktstr. 22 in Mainz, Germany to Benner & Kleidmann GbR. The property was sold by Mr. Ali Barut for retirement reasons. E1 Holding was able to broker the sale in just 5 weeks through an off-market real estate sale process without advertising on real estate portals.


E1 Holding sells legacy properties of the former Passavantwerke to Claus Wisser Verwaltungs- und Beteiligungs GmbH & Co. KG

E1 Holding successfully sold legacy properties of the former Passavantwerke to Claus Wisser Verwaltungs- und Beteiligungs GmbH & Co. KG. The notarization included 14 apartment buildings with a total of 85 residential units in Hesse. The buyer company was represented by Mr. Kurt Wahler, while the seller company, the legal successor of the former Passavantwerke, was represented by Mr. Hartmut Bopp. The properties are located in Sonnenhang 7-9, Hochstraße 4,6,8,10,12,14,16, Schöne Aussicht 2-12 and Untere Weinbergstraße 35 in 65326 Aarbergen, Germany. The PRV GmbH commissioned E1 Immobilien in Wiesbaden, represented by Mr. Muharrem Erdogdu, as the broker for the sale.


Opportunities and Risks

Are you looking to invest in real estate while acting successfully and securely? Then you’ve come to the right place with E1 Holding! We have been an experienced broker in the field of Off Market real estate since 2007, offering you the opportunity to invest in commercial and residential properties starting at one million euros. But what are the opportunities and risks to consider when investing in real estate?

Automated Processes

Efficiency and Profitability

Since our market entry in April 2022, we have already generated over 4,000 accepted transactions with incoming declarations of interest for E1 Plus users and achieved a significant improvement compared to our results in previous years. Thanks to our seven-year development at E1 Holding, we have improved our results by a factor of twelve compared to manually processed transactions.

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do." - Steve Jobs

Long-term Business Relationships and International Off-Market Deals

The Perfect Investment

Welcome to E1 Holding - your international partner for profitable off-market real estate and financial investments. With over 2,500 contractual and business partners and over 100 E1 Investments offices worldwide, we offer a wide range of exclusive investment opportunities.


We understand that investments in these areas can be a successful strategy to build and protect one’s wealth in the long run. Therefore, we attach great importance to offering our customers individual solutions and top-level advice. In this context, we would like to provide you with a comprehensive overview of financial and real estate investments as a successful investment strategy.


Real estate continues to be a popular asset class, but which regions and types of real estate are the best? What about off-market real estate? Our experts at E1 Holding regularly analyze real estate markets and predict trends to provide our clients with the best investment opportunities. In this article, we will discuss prices, forecasts, and investment opportunities for real estate in 2023, incorporating our expertise at E1 Holding.


"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower." - Steve Jobs



We guarantee our contract partners and clients that all owner and property data, as well as investor contact information, will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. We protect our long-standing business relationships and only work with trusted partners. Once investors request documents, E1 Plus automatically provides contact information for all parties involved and handles the delivery of examination documents and initial proof of evidence. Simply upload properties and wait for the email “New Buyer for Your Property,” which will include a signed expression of interest that may also secure the desired broker commission.

Off-Market Investment Properties

Profitable Investment Opportunity

As an investor, E1 Holding offers profitable investment properties such as multi-family homes, commercial real estate, shopping centers, hotels, senior and nursing homes, hospitals, medical centers, and much more through the E1 Plus platform. These properties are not publicly presented on the market, as the most attractive deals are often completed under strict confidentiality. This is why the big players trust E1 Plus. As an investor, you can benefit from exclusive investment opportunities and be assured that your data and contacts are treated with absolute confidentiality.


"The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said." - Peter Drucker


Off-Market Real Estate Solution

As an investor, agent, or property owner, you are always looking for exclusive off-market properties to realize profitable deals. At E1 Plus, we offer you the solution! With our extensive network and many years of experience in off-market real estate brokerage, we have access to exclusive stocks of shopping malls, office complexes, and residential complexes that are not available on the public real estate market. Our thousands of investor profiles and investor groups allow us to discreetly and quickly find investors for your project without lengthy procedures.

Transform Your Tied-Up Capital into Real Assets

Learn more about how E1 can help you turn your real estate into cash. We not only acquire multi-family homes and properties, but also entire residential and office complexes. Additionally, we enable discrete immediate purchases of properties of all kinds, without lengthy bidding procedures, for example for investors. Contact us now and let us transform your real estate into real assets together!


As a real estate agent, you are always looking for new opportunities to expand your business and attract more clients. As an E1 franchise partner, you have access to thousands of capital investment objects across Germany and Europe that are worth it for investors. These objects range from residential and commercial real estate to hotels and senior residences. With E1 as your partner, you can take your business to the next level.


"It's not about having the right opportunities. It's about handling the opportunities right." - Mark Hunter


In need of capital? - Financing, mezzanine capital and crowd-invest marketing projects!

Are you looking for additional funds or specific financing solutions such as mezzanine capital for your construction project? We have excellent contacts with financial service providers worldwide and can help you secure the required financing quickly and easily. As a partner of over 240,000 investors worldwide, we have a strong network of individuals with whom we can find the fastest buyer for your construction project.


As a private investor, you can currently benefit from high interest rates and invest your money securely and profitably. With a land register security and minimal risk, you can achieve high returns and are thus well positioned. Through our contacts with property companies, construction companies, and distribution companies, you can provide short-term mezzanine capital and achieve high margins. Investments in participation are currently one of the most attractive financial investments in 2023 and offer you an excellent opportunity to diversify your portfolio and invest successfully. Contact us now to learn more about our participation opportunities.


"Opportunities don't happen. You create them." - Chris Grosser

Unique Concept:

Serving Existing Clients and Keeping 95% of Buyer's Commission While Running Your Own Business

We offer a unique franchise model that gives you access to exclusive off-market real estate and a strong network of over 100 E1 Investments offices. Our licensed partners serve existing clients of E1 Holding, allowing you to make lucrative real estate deals without the hassle of prospecting. With little capital and no high fixed costs, you can earn 6-7 figure commissions in the short term.

Helmut Dick

Our franchise partner Helmut Dick holds a platinum license and has been working in the real estate industry since 1992. As an entrepreneur and real estate agent in Süßen, he has been successful since 1989 and has already completed over 300 transactions.


Our platinum franchise partner on Rügen, Rene Diewert, has over 30 years of experience in the real estate industry as a self-employed entrepreneur and investor. He has successfully built and sold several companies, so he knows the perspectives of investors, sellers, and financing institutions.

Astrid Felder

Astrid Felder has been active in the real estate industry since 2011 and has gained extensive experience in brokering various types of properties. As a franchise partner of E1 Investment Immobilien, she offers reliable advice and exceptional service to her clients, using her expertise to help them find the best investment opportunities. With her platinum license and strong network, she is able to provide tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each client.

Markus Hösch

Our franchise partner Markus Hösch holds a gold license and has been working in the real estate industry since 1994. As an estate agent in Coburg, he has been successful for over 29 years and has been a member of the IVD association for over 15 years.


Mr. Andreas Boyken is an experienced and successful real estate investor and investment broker in Aurich, and has been working in the real estate industry for over 21 years. With a platinum franchise license, he specializes in the sale and purchase of hotel properties, residential complexes, commercial properties, nursing homes, and retail parks. Mr. Boyken speaks German and English and operates nationwide.

Patrick Klee

The real estate agent in Mannheim has 14 years of experience and a gold franchise license. His strengths lie in communication, market research, and analysis. Mr. Patrick Klee has been a long-standing member of the BVFI real estate association.


Mr. Rachid Boukli is a platinum franchisee licensee since 2021 and has 9 years of experience in the real estate business. Mr. Boukli speaks German, English, French, and Arabic and specializes in brokering investment properties between countries.

Ralph Königbauer

Ralph Königbauer, a franchise partner of Uner, has been active in the real estate industry since 2000 and is a member of the BVI. As an off-market real estate agent in Monheim am Rhein near Düsseldorf, he offers the purchase of land and properties, property management, financial services, and market price indications.

Mandy Korch

Mandy Korch has been a real estate agent since 2011 and holds an E1 Immobilien Franchise Gold license. She has degrees as a real estate economist and business administrator (both from VWA) as well as a master craftsman’s degree. She specializes in discreetly selling investment properties and is the Regional Director for Hamburg – Mitte district at the BVFI – Federal Association of Real Estate Industry.

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