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In 2007 our founder Muharrem Erdogdu founded a real estate office in Wiesbaden in the Rhine-Main area. Success was not long in coming. This allowed our founder to gradually open up new divisions. In addition to the traditional brokerage of real estate for private individuals, a new field came to the fore: transactions of commercial real estate and apartment buildings for investors. 2011 marks a turning point in the company’s successful history. Since then, E1 has focused exclusively on the settlement of capital investments. One of the largest German freight forwarders was one of our first major customers. And today? We are specialists in the off-market sector. As real estate investors, we buy and sell real estate nationwide and internationally.

Our philosophy

“Simply the No. 1” is our slogan and the philosophy that characterizes our corporate culture. “E1 Immobilien” successfully functions as an association of long-experienced real estate agents. Not only do we perform under a brand name and logo, we also bundle all competencies in a goal-oriented manner through a uniform marketing strategy. Thanks to this combined competence, we were able to record for us, for example, the handling and sale of extensive factory stocks of the renowned passavant-Geiger steel foundry.
Your concern is our goal and task throughout Germany! Everywhere “E1 Immobilien” is at your side with experienced specialists.

Why choose us?

You want to sell your property, but don’t want anyone to know about it? Let’s help you. Your market leader for off-market investment real estate worldwide – E1 Holding. Fill in the form below to contact us.

10 reasons for E1 !

E1 International Investment Holding offers you many advantages in cooperation. Whether you are looking for an investment in Berlin, Erfurt, Mannheim, Dortmund, Heidelberg or Munich: We are represented on site with a uniform marketing strategy. Our brokers work hand in hand. Through joint transactions, we can successfully offer fast transactions to potential customers. Trustworthiness and confidentiality are part of the obvious behaviour of our franchise partners. The cross-regional cooperation of experienced managing directors is fruitful and favours targeted processes.


Worldwide network

Our E1 Investment Holding brings together established real estate offices at more than 40 locations in Germany, from Berlin-Charlottenburg to Frankfurt and Hamburg to Hanover and Wiesbaden. We manage our data bank with our partner Zoho.eu.


Strong references

So far, numerous transactions have taken place with a transaction volume in the three-digit
Millions of range. The lion’s share was in off-market real estate, in which E1 Holding is particularly specialized.


Absoulute Discretion for Owner and Investor

It is not uncommon for properties to change hands without having previously been offered on the open market. Your personal data is stored with us without any concerns and will be treated strictly confidentially.


Strong 150 man Team Germany

E1 stands for an association of various real estate agenciesspread over the entire federal territory. All are connected by a license and as a brand.

Represented nationwide

With over 40 E1 real estate offices

Whether the purchase and sale of real estate or free real estate valuation + the respective city, we are at your side with our excellently trained real estate professionals as brokers and intermediaries at all times competently and solution-oriented.

E1 Plus - CRM

Own Real Estate Matching Tool

With the cooperation Fiverr.com we have access to the world’s best freelancers in the field of PHP programming. Every day we work on the development of our software of additional modules and are far from finished here when it comes to individual functions.

Safe contract

Quarterly update of our contracts and forms

For years, the law and notary’s office Much, Busch and Eslam in Wiesbaden has been looking after us. New judgments and jurisprudence will be examined and, in the event of a need for amendment, all contracts and forms will be legally adapted.

International performance

Investors in Germany & abroad are welcome.

We also support numerous owners from abroad with the sale of your property, as we serve more than 120,000 registered customers internationally. In our team we speak German, English, Russian, Spanish, French, Turkish,etc.

Successful since 2007

We constantly adapt to the requirements

https://www.e1-holding.com/uber-uns/2011 marks a turning point in the company’s successful history. Since then, E1 has focused exclusively on the settlement of capital investments. One of the largest German freight forwarders was one of our first major customers. And today? We are specialists in the off-market sector.

SEO Optimization

On Page, Off Page, technical optimization are not foreign words

Every day new objects and numerous investor enquiries would not be possible without search engine optimization. Through our cooperation with Textbroker.de, we inform our interested parties about the real estate industry.

Contact now without obligation!

We look forward to any cooperation with real estate agents, investors, owners and tipsters. We are also happy to answer your request.

Services at a glance

E1 International Investment Holding GmbH offers investors a particularly attractive opportunity for continuous asset building:the acquisition of off-market real estate. What is behind this term? Off-market means that coveted large objects do not appear on traditional Internet portals or in the media. As long-standing experienced real estate agents, we are able to offer high-calibre investment offers to interested clients through the constant purchase of real estate. This is possible because we have very good business contacts through our many years of work. Off-market real estate is traded quietly. This is about discreet handling and trusting contact between regular customers and investors. As insiders in the real estate market, we are your competent link.

Purchase of real estate

As an established real estate and investment broker, we are particularly interested in properties with a volume of more than one million euros. Contact us via your purchase profile.

Off Market Real Estate

Put us to the test and set a requirement profile now. You will receive up to 50 off-market investment properties a week that are worthwhile.

Real estate brokerage

Off Market Real Estate discreetly change hands with us as investment brokers. They are not available on the open market.

Real estate

Whether commercial or residential property financing, private investors or loans from the house bank, we provide you with bespoke lenders and establish contact with a financial advisor or decision-maker.

Joint business

For us, joint transactions have the advantage that they are processed faster. Sometimes a colleague has a client who is only interested in one of the properties we have in our portfolio.

Real Estate Franchise

We are considered the best broker in the industry, so we also have a special real estate franchise system in petto. As a specialist in investment real estate, we focus on capital-rich real estate outside the public market – throughout Germany and internationally.

Best broker: Secure up to 50 offers for off-market investment properties every week - for free!

Objects outside the real estate market are sought after. Only if the chemistry between suppliers and investors is right will profitable deals be achieved. We bring both sides together and accompany them all the way to the settlement. The submitted search profiles of private and institutional investors enable us to offer properties in a targeted manner. For exclusive off-market properties, we contact investors and sellers or their legitimate brokers directly.

Fill in the purchase profile, secure benefits

Non-market properties are very popular and require maximum freedom of action. We bring together suppliers and investors carefully and without detours and accompany them in the settlement. The search profiles we offer for private and institutional investors enable us to offer properties in a very targeted and pre-examined manner. At Off Market Real Estate, we only talk directly to sellers and investors or their legal brokers. Immediate contact and information flow should be available at any time in a short time.

Our advice: your success

Real estate investors are looking for investments as a safe investment with an increase in value. Our experienced team of self-employed managing directors advises you on location factors as well as on long-term and favourable interest rates. We are there to help different wishes of our customers to realize them. As insiders, we quickly and clearly recognize connections that bring about changing social and political framework conditions. Build on our competence and diversity, on our skills and our discretion.

We are experienced investment brokers and reliable partners of real estate investors. We also stand for a fast and smooth purchase of real estate. Let us go down the road together. With an effective and innovative way of working, our real estate franchise convinces customers at the highest level.

Top 10 Real Estate Agents Germany

E1 is represented nationwide with more than 40 locations

E1 Investments: Discretion without ifs and buts

Real estate purchase with E1 Investments

Real estate prices, location analyses and forecasts throughout Germany

Location analyses create planning security


FAQ on Off Market Real Estate Mediation

Many factors are relevant for extensive site analyses. For example, it is important whether objects are located in the green or in a central, easily accessible location. Local infrastructure, as well as the environment of employers, schools, doctors and shopping facilities, have an impact on property prices. We have the necessary technical and background knowledge to make precise and well-founded calculations.

We bring together real estate investors and sellers directly and without much fuss. A further assessment is being carried out within the framework of real estate financing. In principle, you have nothing to do with this, we only need all documents relevant for the purchase of buildings or land at this time. After completion, we will submit a non-binding purchase offer, which is also based on the loan value of the property, which is determined externally by a sworn expert.

We are represented in numerous countries as well as nationwide. Especially large cities with growth potential have an appeal to our company. These include Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne and Hamburg. There are mainly lucrative off-market investment properties. For investors, our commitment is worthwhile, because they can look forward to rising rents and thus higher returns due to the strong demand. The possibilities for financing are multifaceted. Ideally, investors have as much equity as possible. For example, less interest and fees are payable to the banks. It is rare for regional and international investors to pay for real estate in cash and in one piece.

In Germany, listed properties are those buildings that are listed in the official list of monuments. They represent a cultural heritage, the preservation of which is promoted by the state through subsidies. For example, remediation measures that comply with strict regulations can save taxes. The buildings are excellently suited as return objects. As the best broker, we naturally have listed properties in our range.

Checking an object is important for everyone involved. In the industry, the term due diligence (DD) is often used. This is the only way to determine the purchase and selling price in line with the market. Thus, the assessment represents an indispensable must-have for every real estate financing as well as for the commission calculation. It takes about two weeks for the complex procedure. In addition to the building features, aspects relating to the situation are also taken into account. This includes extensive site analysis.

The majority of loans are necessary to finance real estate. Banks require collateral for this. You reserve the option to auction an object in the event of insolvency. The loan value is the value of a credit security. In principle, a property belongs to the bank until the debts have been fully repaid.

Real estate agents refer to an asset deal that a real estate investor makes directly. The acquisition of land is usually an integral part of the settlement. The equivalent runs under the term Share Deal, where only shares of a project change hands. Your top 10 real estate agent is very familiar with both variants.

News Real Estate Industry

News and press releases

Almost every industry is affected by the Corona pandemic, including the real estate industry. Before the virus outbreak, many prospective residents crowded into narrow corridors and stairwells during apartment visits. This is no longer responsible due to the high risk of contagion. Visits now take place on several dates and in much smaller groups. However, the changes for real estate agents go further. In the first quarter of 2020, prospective tenants had to worry less about their creditworthiness than in the current situation. Jobs are on the rocks due to the weakening economy. With income woeful, the plans around the four walls may have changed. Winning someone for an object is sometimes more difficult than before. The unclear prospects are also evident on the part of the owners. Many are hesitant to sell real estate and are waiting for the crisis. Brokers are therefore facing new challenges as a a means of the Corona pandemic. On the other hand, the real estate forecast for 2030 is positive. Over the next ten years, demand for apartments and houses will remain high, especially in conurbations. There will be no oversupply of real estate and the associated fall in prices. However, market volatility is increasing significantly after the infection wave has substprecated, as purchases and sales have been put on the back burner during the pandemic. Real estate agents, local and international investors are well advised to get started and prepare for the real estate forecast 2030

The pandemic also entails burdens for a real estate investor. Transactions sometimes expose companies and municipalities. Border closures and travel restrictions prevent the arrival of sightseeing appointments. The industry has to reckon with rent losses for both commercial and privately leased properties. This is particularly true if the restrictions remain in force for a longer period of time. Almost every company secures liquidity for the time being, and deferred investments fall behind. Developments currently have no impact on real estate prices.

With a stagnating real estate market, demand is limited. However, it is there because people are still looking for housing. Competition between the various suppliers inevitably comes on the road. Brokers who have so far cared little about online marketing should be more present on the Internet. Now it’s time to help the company’s website get off the ground with optimization measures. For example, search engine optimization ensures a better ranking at Google and Co. Potential customers and audiences appeal to advertising on social networks. The constant contact with owners and investors must not be left behind. Brokers must operate all communication channels that are available. It is important to stay on the ball in every respect and to maintain the connection with customers.

Social developments and globalisation did not go away from the real estate market either. In the past, houses and flats were mainly purchased for their own use. Nowadays, buildings and land are often in demand as a solid investment. Local and international investors have the opportunity to effectively expand wealth, while at the same time saving taxes.

For this to work, it should be clear in advance of investments investment that the targeted properties increase in value. In this context, off-market real estate is attractive. They are not offered in the media or on online platforms. The settlement is reversed. Top 10 real estate agents such as E1 Holding directly address verified customers – we provide them with targeted offers. This is possible thanks to our many years of experience, excellent contacts and our robust location analyses. Thanks to the enormous market knowledge we have, we can almost speak of insider dealing. Discretion is a high priority, not loud behaviour. For searchers, we do not compromise in constant contact with regional and international investors. Take advantage of the many advantages, while saving taxes by the way! Simply fill in your requirements profile.

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The federal government is targeting the real estate industry, and a tougher rental price brake is supposed to stop brokers. You can read about what it does and what real estate prices will be based on in the future in our blog post.

Envious view of the real estate industry

SINCE mid-March, COVID-19 has been shaking up economic and private life at home and abroad. The real estate sector is also affected. However, the virus does not hit him as hard as initially feared.

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All sectors of society are affected by the effects of the Corona pandemic. The consequences for the real estate industry are not yet foreseeable. You can read where dangers lurk and what positive sides there are in our technical paper.

Brokercommission receivable: the last moves of ECM Investments GmbH

Brokerage commission claim: After the mediation of 137 residential units in Saxony-Anhalt, legal disputes arose with ECM Investment GmbH. Payments were not made. The Berlin Court of Appeal made it clear that the defendant must pay the debts. The process dragged on for six years, and nothing stands in the way of a payment of the broker’s commission claim.

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