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Your specialist and market leader for Off Market Real Estate, nationally and internationally. E1 buys and brokers large-scale real estate as capital investments to investors. Founded in 2007 as a brokerage office, E1 is now a franchise company with nearly 50 real estate agents for investment properties - locations nationwide. Planners and owners can find the right financing partner through our wide range of accurate buyer profiles.

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The free real estate software “E1 Plus” has it all. It gives you absolutely risk-free access to off market real estate worldwide.

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Turnover in the millions in the first business year - with real estate.

You think that's an illusion? You just have to back the right horse. Become a Platinum Franchise Partner in the E1 Holding network. Sell off market real estate under the brand of the market leader! How is that possible?

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“Boost” your business with E1+ and off-market properties! These large properties are offered discreetly. Our company E1-Holding is a leading broker of investment properties such as shopping centres, residential parks, commercial or office complexes worldwide.

Property prices and location analyses for Germany's largest cities

- Free real estate valuation for investment properties -

E1 Holding offers you location analysis for real estate for almost 100 cities in all federal states nationwide. Our well-trained experts for real estate and investments as well as especially off-market properties in various locations and sizes take a professional and authentic close look at the real estate market in the respective location.

Which properties count as investment properties?

Residential complexes, multi-family houses, residential & commercial buildings, office properties, nursing & retirement homes, medical & hospitals, multi-storey car parks, plots for residential development, industrial & logistics properties, hotel properties, new construction projects, properties in need of redevelopment, agricultural properties, shopping centres & specialist markets, listed properties, assisted living.


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off-market real estate strategy for buyers and institutional clients

Mr. Muharrem Erdogdu, CEO & Founder of E1 International Investment Holding, explains the off-market real estate strategy for buyers and institutional clients.

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Investment properties Real estate financing

E1 builds your bridge to financiers – for business goals, for private dreams. E1 has top contacts to financial service providers, be it for classic house bank loans or building society offers or special solutions such as private equity or mezzanine.

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Legally verified contracts and forms for investment property real estate agents, investors and owners to download

In everyday life, cooperation among real estate agents is virtually unavoidable for a joint business. In general, cooperation is the purposeful working together with a common goal.

Interested in earning money on the side?

Our tipster commission for your real estate recommendation

If you recommend properties or provide contacts to property buyers as a tipster, you will receive a referral commission of 10 percent for each successful recommendation. Contact us before the property owner or investor does it themselves and secure your claim to our tipster commission!

Are you an investor looking for off market properties throughout Germany? Then we are the right contact for you as an experienced and diversely networked off-market real estate specialist. We have a strong and broad network in the real estate off market, from which you as an investor can benefit. When buying off-market real estate, leave nothing to chance and trust us as your professional off-market real estate agents with a nationwide network!

Off market real estate is the term used by the real estate industry to describe properties such as residential and commercial properties that are for sale away from the public real estate market. Off market property deals are conducted discreetly between the seller, investor and an agent without the general public finding out about the off market property. According to the off market property definition, off market properties are not offered on public property portals. Commercial properties such as hotels, department stores and shopping centres as well as office buildings and business parks can become off market properties just as much as residential properties, from apartment buildings to student and senior housing to apartment complexes. As off market specialists, we are always on the ball, receive daily off market property tips and can offer potential investors interesting off market properties in Germany.

The brokerage of off-market real estate is carried out with the utmost discretion and with a very good relationship of trust between the seller, the tipster and the broker. Ideally, you use the experience and know-how as well as the very good contacts of an off-market real estate specialist as your trusted broker. Since bidding procedures and market approaches are deliberately avoided in off market deals for real estate, networking and trust-building are paramount. As experienced and professional off market real estate agents, we optimally fulfil these requirements and can very discreetly and under the seal of secrecy legally and seriously broker attractive off market properties for our clients. If interested, we can handle an off market real estate transaction on behalf of the client quietly and in camera. Trust in our experience and our stable network if you want to find off market properties and acquire them discreetly for an investment!

For the layman who is not familiar with the real estate market, it is not always easy to even track down an off market property that might be for sale. With us as off market property specialists at your side, you can find suitable properties quickly and reliably and can absolutely rely on our know-how, our expertise in the field of off market properties as well as our excellent contacts. We are always up to date on where an off market property transaction is possible and support you professionally and solution-oriented as well as thoroughly discreet.

We are off market real estate specialists because we have had a very good reputation in off market deals real estate for many years. Building trust and discretion are the building blocks of our philosophy. We do not search for and find off-market properties on the public real estate market or in equally public bidding processes, but rather initiate contact with the willing owner before a planned off-market real estate transaction. The discreet and at the same time targeted establishment of contacts to the potential sellers of the properties as well as to reliable, solid brokers and investors takes place completely legally and absolutely seriously. Thanks to our very good connections and excellent contacts, we have been able to solidly position ourselves over the years as a well-coordinated team of off-market brokers. A very strong and carefully woven data network serves us as a guarantee for successful transactions in the area of off-market real estate acquisition.

If you are an investor looking to invest in off market real estate in Germany, then you will find a dedicated and reputable off market real estate specialist in our company. Off market real estate agents can also find suitable properties for their clients through us. The procedure is very simple for you: Please use the form on our website to enter your investment criteria and benefit from our continuously updated list of 50 off market investment properties every week. Find the right off market deals properties here!

It is not uncommon for successful investment property deals to take place “over the counter”, i.e. outside the public market. These so-called off-market real estate deals work through a reliable network, such as the one E1 Investments Holding has. As a network of investment experts, we handle high-yield transactions with off-market real estate for investors discreetly, quickly and efficiently. For experienced brokers, we make ourselves available as an experienced cooperation partner for joint transactions with OTC properties, both nationwide and internationally.

As specialists for off market real estate, we maintain discretion and trust as our highest principles. Therefore, for investments with OTC real estate, we exclusively seek direct contact with sellers and serious investors as well as cooperation with legal real estate agents. Thanks to the direct communication with these target groups, we can handle off-market real estate deals discreetly and within a short period of time in the interest of all parties involved. With E1 Investments as a partner, investors acquire off market investment properties quickly and efficiently as well as at a reasonable price. Brokers looking for suitable properties realise E1 Off Market Real Estate Deals as joint transactions. Our strong data network is a

Since 2007
The origins of off-market real estate deals lie in the purchase of private luxury real estate by prominent persons. The latter had or have a great interest in realising the property purchase unnoticed by the public. They are happy to pay a higher price for this discretion. Meanwhile, off-market real estate deals are no longer limited to an exclusive circle of prominent buyers. For strategic reasons, private and institutional investors also appreciate investments in OTC real estate that are handled quietly. For example, 96 percent of all institutional investors are interested in transactions involving off-market investment properties. This means that off-market deals are also a promising business field for brokers.

Off market real estate deals are quiet transactions away from the classical internet portals and media. Their realisation requires a strong link like E1 Investment Holding, which mediates between sellers and investors for investment properties. As experienced insiders in the sector for off-market real estate, we maintain trusting contacts with both target groups, many of whom are associated with us as regular clients and good business partners. This trust and our discretion as real estate agents form the breeding ground for successful off market real estate deals with large properties such as commercial real estate and apartment buildings. This is the only way to realise silent investments in investment properties.

Off market real estate deals require the highest level of discretion. A special level of confidentiality also means that we do not offer these OTC properties, also known as non-market properties, on property portals or publish them in online media or print advertisements. Rather, these sought-after investment properties are reserved for an exclusive group of investors. As specialists for off-market real estate deals, we introduce selected investors like you directly to suitable offers for investment properties.

One of the reasons why investors like you realise promising investments with E1 Off Market Real Estate Deals is due to our extensive network. We have been maintaining intensive contacts with investors and property owners from Germany and abroad for years. In addition, through our E1 real estate franchise programme, we work with experienced brokers in more than 40 locations throughout Germany. With our many years of experience as investment brokers and our negotiating skills in the off-market real estate sector, we can find exactly the investment property for you that best matches your purchase profile.

As an investor, submit your purchase profile now
As an investor, would you like to invest capital in investment properties and handle your investment smoothly? At E1 Investments, investors like you can choose from 50 off-market properties every week. Submit your purchase profile as an investor and we guarantee you access to lucrative off market property deals without obligation!

Competent real estate agents and practical CRM systems are the guarantors that we can offer investors like you OTC properties that meet the deposited purchase criteria. We only take the time to discuss the key data of your search profile with you personally. Our targeted search covers off market properties nationwide and internationally. All available real estate offers as well as the purchase profiles of investors are always available in our CRM systems. We draw on an up-to-date data network for all off-market real estate deals.

Investments in OTC real estate open up attractive opportunities to continuously build up assets. The aim is always to buy off-market properties that meet your requirements. As an investment broker, we check your profile before submitting suitable offers for off market property deals. If you provide us with your purchase profile, we will know which investments you are aiming for and which investment properties you need for your project.

You would like to use commercial properties or apartment buildings off the market as capital investments? Then define your purchase criteria for off-market properties and send us your requirements profile without obligation! We are personally available for a conversation via telephone and can be reached via e-mail at [email protected]

Not only investors can realise successful off-market real estate deals with E1 Investments, but also independent real estate agents. As a large broker association in the field of investment real estate, we are ideal cooperation partners for experienced brokers when it comes to realising profits. If you join our association as a franchise partner, you can realise lucrative joint business with OTC Immobilien in cooperation with other brokers. Through our large data network, you will be able to access off market property listings to which outsiders cannot gain access. The reason is that these are exclusively OTC properties that do not appear in any public media or portals.

For successful off-market deals with investment properties, we already cooperate with renowned brokers at more than 40 E1 franchise locations as well as with renowned real estate experts and investment advisors. As a real estate agent, would you also like to cooperate with competent professional colleagues and strengthen our large broker network? Then use your brokerage skills, contact us and conclude joint deals with OTC Immobilien!

What are OTC properties?
OTC properties are not traded on the public real estate market. This means that these properties are not offered in freely accessible media such as internet portals or advertisements. The brokerage is carried out discreetly to selected investors who have a corresponding purchase profile that matches the property.

We only offer properties that our specialised investment brokers have checked in advance for suitability as investment properties based on defined criteria. Thanks to our excellent network in Germany and internationally, almost 50 offers for off-market real estate deals are available to interested parties every week. These investment properties include in particular residential complexes, shopping complexes, shopping parks and logistics areas as well as land with planning permission. With E1 as a partner, investments can be realised with houses and flats as well as with commercial properties. For investors who wish to invest in various investment properties, real estate funds are considered sensible forms of investment.

If you deposit your purchase profile with us as an investor, you will receive a comprehensive service from competent investment brokers. Our specialists for OTC real estate will advise and support you in your plans to invest in investment properties. They will help you to create a detailed profile for your investment in off market real estate. Another service offered by E1 Investments is to check the offers for commercial properties, residential complexes and other real estate properties according to your purchase criteria. To do this, we draw on our up-to-date data network. We make the actual selection of investment properties on the basis of your purchase profile. We compile all documents and seek direct contact with the owner in order to handle the off-market real estate deal professionally and discreetly. It goes without saying that we use our expertise as investment brokers to negotiate the price with the owner and to prepare the notarised purchase contract. We accompany you until the handover of the property.

We clarify the financial requirements for the off market real estate deal. If required, we support you as an investor in financing OTC real estate and find reliable financial partners for your off market real estate transaction.

With E1 Investments as your partner, you will receive the first interesting offers for OTC properties within 14 days. Immediately after your contact and an initial meeting, we can find suitable investment properties via our CRM system. The special feature is that we only present you with off-market properties that are reserved for exclusive and silent brokerage. This protects you and other investors from speculation and competitive pressure. Thanks to our efficient working methods and direct contacts with owners, we can arrange high-yield investment properties within as little as 14 days. This means that off-market real estate deals can also be realised quickly for you as an investor.

Submit your purchase profile today and receive the first offers for OTC properties in just a few days!

As experts in OTC real estate investment, we execute each and every off-market real estate transaction in compliance with all legal requirements. In addition, we offer you these advantages
– Discretion
The first advantage is that these non-public deals are absolutely discreet, thus preserving the confidentiality of owners and investors alike.
– Better prices
Through a combination of a strong data network and negotiation skills, E1 off market real estate deals bring better price conditions than deals on the real estate market or in the traditional bidding process.
– Strategic goals
In OTC real estate transactions, there is also room for strategic objectives. For example, we think of building long-term business partnerships and the possibility of swap transactions.

As transactions outside the public market, off-market real estate deals offer discretion, confidentiality and efficiency. Especially since there is not much competition, investments in OTC real estate can be completed quickly. This saves transaction costs. The fact that only a small group of select people know about the offers strengthens your negotiating position as an investor. Accordingly, price negotiations are easier in an off-market real estate deal than in a public real estate transaction. This is especially true if you have an experienced investment broker at your side.

The special feature of OTC properties is that they originate from the so-called over-the-counter market and therefore do not appear in any public medium. Information about possible off-market properties thus comes from informal sources such as acquaintances and relatives, property management or neighbours. In addition, special professional groups such as estate agents, tax consultants, lawyers, undertakers and craftsmen can provide valuable information about properties for sale. Banks and funds also come into consideration as sources. To find OTC properties, you therefore need personal contacts in the relevant circles.

Direct contacts are one of the most important prerequisites for off market real estate deals. As experts for off-market investment properties, we have built up a strong network over many years of work. In the meantime, we maintain many trusting contacts with executive boards, supervisory boards and decision-makers of institutional investors. A number of family offices are also among our business partners. These contacts form the basis for transactions with OTC properties. In the same way, we rely on communication with a large number of private investors whose purchase profiles we include in our network and match with our offers for investment properties. We would also like to get to know you as an investor and learn details about your purchase criteria. Contact us and tell us your plans!

In the same way, we will contact you if you, as a successful broker, would like to realise joint transactions with off-market investment properties. Fill out our contact form and become our cooperation partner!

E1 Investments stands for a large network of high-yield off-market investment properties, reputable investors and experienced brokers. We pull all the strings for successful off-market real estate deals, which are characterised by speed, discretion and efficiency. We are represented at more than 46 locations nationwide with competent investment brokers and also advise you on international transactions with OTC properties.

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Whether as an agent, owner, tipster or investor - together we move the real estate industry - you will be thrilled!
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