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E1 Holding is a German investment holding providing services for international off-market investment properties. Since 2007, excellent contacts to real estate dealers and investment companies have been established worldwide, so that today, after 10 years since its foundation, E1 has established itself internationally as an optimally networked partner in the investment real estate sector..

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We buy housing estates, multi-family houses, invest in partial ownership and in housing construction on your property to be sold. 
The purchase of real estate for investment purposes is part of our corporate strategy. We are constantly on the lookout for new investment properties. As a group we concentrate mainly on the purchase of larger projects. These real estate projects can be entire residential complexes, multi-family houses or also properties on which investment projects can then be implemented. Particularly interesting are retail parks, shopping centres, commercial properties or hotel properties. We buy properties up to € 15 million without a preliminary check by the bank immediately. We are also happy to buy your real estate! The E1 Plus CRM system enables us to provide you with a meaningful interim result within 14 days. To be more precise, we only need two weeks to check whether one of our real estate investors is interested in purchasing your property or not. The sales mandate is non-binding and the seller’s commission is only due if a notarial purchase contract is demonstrably concluded by a prospective buyer brought by us. The amount of the seller’s commission is up to you to decide which of our sales team serves as motivation.

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Professional & efficient real estate purchase with E1 real estate agent

Discreet purchase check - anonymous on request!
For objects up to 5 Mio. Euro no examination by the bank necessary!
90% of our transactions take less than 14 days!
Our purchase examination is completely free of charge and non-committal!
We are also available for complicated transactions!

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We own Germany’s largest portfolio of off market properties with the best returns. The yield properties can be of different nature. The portfolio includes commercial properties as well as residential properties or facilities that are suitable as investment properties. Many real estate owners do not want to publish their offers in order to protect themselves from dubious offers or false reports in the press. With our absolutely discreet approach, we offer all parties the opportunity to conduct such transactions in camera. You will not find our real estate offers on real estate portals (Off Market).
Off market properties are sold through referrals. Are you a real estate investor looking for attractive Off Market properties? E1 Investments specializes in Off Market real estate and only serves your investors with Off Market real estate that meets the purchase criteria of the investors. Currently, over 140,000 real estate investors worldwide are served with Off Market properties such as apartment buildings, residential complexes, hotel properties, nursing homes, refugee accommodation, office buildings, retail parks, shopping centres, industrial properties, building plots.  As a result, a sales volume of over € 500 million has been brokered since 2007. Among them references in million height with the most well-known and most renowned enterprises such as  alpha material Estate Group, Kubus 13, BB Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH, Triwo AG, Energona GmbH, ECM Investment GmbH, WISAG AG, Passavant & Geiger, Haschtmann group, RGG real estates GmbH, Bilfinger & Berger, VK plants and Frankenbach and many more were registered.

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Attractive Investment offers & investment properties

Absolutely discrete communication
100% Off Market Investment properties
Professionally selected & inspected objects
Individual advice for the best profitability
Since 2007 real estate projects with a volume of more than € 500 million executed
Over 1,500 investment properties on offer

Experience reports from our Investors and business Partners!

Christopher Heiling
Christopher Heiling

18:40 11 Jan 18
Zuverlässiger Kooperationspartner. Sehr stark vernetzt.

11:03 30 Jan 18
oguzhan kalkan
oguzhan kalkan

22:20 21 Nov 18
Diskrete & kompetente Beratung. Herr Erdogdu und das Team waren uns bei unserer Investitionsplanung sehr behilflich. Danke dafü more

Our most important qualities: professionalism, honesty & discretion

E1 has been based on investor anonymity as an important principle for many years. With the help of our trained employees in the field and CRM systems adapted to everyday life, we are able to present our real estate investors with the most suitable off market investment properties from the international markets according to different criteria. For your trade actions we offer consulting services through our wide and international investment network to realize your real estate investments (hotel real estate, residential complexes, office buildings, retail parks, shopping centers, nursing homes, refugee accommodation, new construction projects and industrial real estate, etc.) faster and more reliably. Renowned brokerage firms, real estate valuers, investment advisors and consulting service providers cooperate with E1 on the basis of its broad network, with which references in the tens of millions have been recorded within the framework of the IVD guidelines. Off market properties are sold through recommendations. Are you a real estate investor looking for attractive Off Market properties? E1 Investments is specialized in Off Market Real Estate and only serves your investors with Off Market Real Estate that meets the purchase criteria of the investors. Currently, more than 140,000 real estate investors worldwide are served with Off Market Real Estate such as apartment buildings, residential complexes, hotel properties, nursing homes, refugee accommodation, office buildings, retail parks, shopping malls, industrial properties, building plots. As a result, a sales volume of over € 500 million has been brokered since 2007. Numerous transactions worth millions with the most renowned major investors Alpha Real Estate Group, Kubus 13, BB Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH, Triwo AG, Energona GmbH, ECM Investment GmbH, WISAG AG, Passavant & Geiger, Haschtmann Group, RGG Immobilien GmbH, Bilfinger & Berger, VK Anlagen and Frankenbach etc. confirm the success of E1. The term “trust” is not an empty phrase for us – it is the core of our actions.

Off Market real estate sale, purchase & brokerage

Well over 80% of real estate transactions in the millions are recorded in the OFF MARKET segment. The really financially strong real estate investors attach great importance to anonymity and discretion. Renowned real estate companies, fund companies, listed stock corporations, financially strong private investors are well known among investment property experts and enjoy the ingenious preferential right to OFF-Market real estate by depositing their purchase criteria. Before you commission a real estate company or sign a marketing order, we will be happy to discuss a possible purchase of real estate with our long-standing customers without obligation. At the latest after 14 days we can clarify the interest with our team and inform you of the decision free of charge. In the event of a purchase commitment, our existing customers pay a buyer’s commission, depending on the purchase price, for the successful mediation, so that our service is fully non-binding for you.

If you need a loan, you will not get around the valuation of a property by the bank. The property valuation also serves for your own security. The valuation is usually done by a state-approved appraiser, who is arranged by the bank.

E1 Investments Become a Real Estate Franchising Partner

You too can benefit from our network as a real estate agent or investor.

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Test our broker software free of charge for 4 weeks, which gives you simultaneous access to investment properties and investors (including expressions of interest).
As a provider of numerous real estate investors, business partners, house managers, family office contacts and off market investment properties, we relieve our E1 Investments franchisees of much of the work and entrepreneurial risk. The regular references with our E1 Investments business owners show again and again that with a strong partner also in the field of capital investment real estate large-volume sales can be achieved. The goal of the Franchise giver is it to be able to save the Franchise taker with access to the past correspondence unnecessary loss of time for both parties. Already existing purchase profiles of real estate investors give the franchisee from the first day the possibility to consider the wishes and goals of the existing customer exactly. Existing expressions of interest or commission assurances from existing customers give the franchisee a high degree of security, so that the franchisee is always aware that working time is a good investment.

Become a Franchising Partner:
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Access to off-market investment properties
Use of the company's own CRM software E1-Plus
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E1 Holding & Invest: Together for success

Our Real Estate Services and Franchise Partnerships

E1 Financing: Partnership

E1 Holding has an extensive international network of real estate agents, investors, property managers, lawyers and other stakeholders who need loan brokers and lenders to realise their investment objectives.

E1 Real Estate & Investors: Partnership

Are you an investor looking for a suitable investment property? Or are you a landowner interested in selling your property? E1 Holding is your reliable partner at this interface, bringing both worlds together.

E1 Insurance: Partnership

Are you an insurance broker with a real estate loan brokerage certificate (§ 34d GewO) with five to ten years of professional experience? Then become an E1 Holding franchise partner and gain access to thousands of data records with relevant contacts – enormous potential for acquiring new customers!

E1 Plus: Broker software

The broker software E1 Plus is a CRM-System, which is developed and distributed by E1 Holding and QBF in cooperation. The software is intended for those real estate brokers who specialise in the field of capital investment and consists of …

E1 Holding: joint venture

The mediation of an Off Market investment real estate in the community business is inevitable. The real estate agent ensures that the property is available for delivery and advises the real estate seller and the client agent secures the commission by means of …

E1 Holding: Tip provider commission

Often it is the right contact at the right time that makes the deal successful. This recommendation is worth 15% of our commission! You can receive a tipster commission for successful recommendations …

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The success of our E1 Holding Real Estate Franchise Partners

Immobilien Franchise Partner Trier

The experienced real estate professional Norbert Scherf has been self-employed in the real estate sector for years. In addition to his own company, he has been expanding his business in the area of off-market investment properties with real estate franchise E1 Investments for almost a year now. His example shows how a small investment pays for itself within a very short time. With E1 Investments, Mr. Scherf succeeded in selling four BMW car dealerships worth 8.175 million euros to an AG from Trier. A successful prelude for further business for him and E1.

Immobilien Franchise Partner Wiesbaden

After just a few weeks as a real estate franchise platinum partner, the trained real estate agent Onur Candogan recorded his first reference worth 1.35 million euros. The 25-year-old sold a residential and commercial building in Mainz’s city centre with the help of the E1 Immobilien Franchise System. E1 has a very strong network, whereby one comes problem-free with investors, societies and brokers into contact as well as sales orders in the million range receives, says Mr. Candogan on its firm operational readiness level.

Immobilien Franchise Partner Süßen

he real estate franchise system E1 Investments enjoys great popularity and constant demand. New real estate franchise partners are constantly being added as business owners, enriching the company and helping colleagues achieve their common goals. This includes our newest business partner Helmut Dick, whom we warmly welcome as a Platinum Franchise Partner at E1 Investments. We are looking forward to good business and many more successes with the experienced and since 1992 independent real estate agent from Baden-Württemberg.

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Build up your investment property business alongside your business with us! - talk to us!

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