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In 2007 our founder Muharrem Erdogdu founded a real estate office in Wiesbaden in the Rhine-Main area. Success was not long in coming. This allowed our founder to gradually open up new divisions. In addition to the traditional brokerage of real estate for private individuals, a new field came to the fore: transactions of commercial real estate and apartment buildings for investors. 2011 marks a turning point in the company’s successful history. Since then, E1 has focused exclusively on the settlement of capital investments. One of the largest German freight forwarders was one of our first major customers. And today? We are specialists in the off-market sector. As real estate investors, we buy and sell real estate nationwide and internationally.

Real estate purchase

It's your property: Gild it!

Property ownership is tied capital. Turn it into real fortune.

E1 acquires your apartment building or land, but also entire residential complexes or office properties.
Brokers pay E1 local, attractive commissions.

E1 also enables immediate purchases of all kinds of properties, discreetly and without lengthy bidding procedures, e.B. for investors.

Offer property now!

Real Estate Franchise

Are you a real estate agent?

Think bigger!

Become an E1 franchise partner. Mediate large real estate as millions of dollars to investors.

E1 is looking for you as an experienced broker. Expand your business with our portfolio of thousands of investment properties and solvent investors.

Top returns, low capital input: Choose from two entry-level models.

Secure franchise license now!

Real Estate Agency

Are you designing large-scale real estate?

E1 is one of the leading specialist brokers for investment real estate. We mediate investors for existing or planned large properties such as shopping arcades, office complexes or residential complexes.

E1 has thousands of buyer profiles of investors and investor groups. We mediate directly, discreetly and quickly without months of procedures.

Now let property mediate!

Contact now without obligation!

We look forward to any cooperation with real estate agents, investors, owners and tipsters. We are also happy to answer your request.

Blogs and press releases

Stay up to date every day!

Stocks and interest rates rise and fall. Real estate is fixed like rocks in the surf. What moves every day are market, prices, laws, supply and demand.

On our website we bundle up-to-date information from the trade press and prepare the news for you. We pass on the knowledge and experience of our local professionals to you.

What do you pay attention to when buying and selling real estate? Which legal regulations and changes must be observed?

Find out here!

Location analysis

What is your property worth?

… now and in the future? Find out here. The e1 real estate partners on site continuously keep an eye on the metropolitan markets.

At E1, you get up-to-date location analyses for the 100 or so most attractive cities in Germany: where prices know only the way up, even in crises.

In our real estate price database you will find purchase and selling prices for off-market investment properties. For investors and investors. And for institutional and private builders.

Find out more!

Real estate knowledge

Would you like to have a say?

From asset deal to due diligence and financing plan to return calculation and risk diversification via mutual funds:

Read tips, questions and answers about real estate. E1 has prepared essential expert knowledge for you.

Everything about the purchase and sale of real estate and the processes. All about contracts and forms. Plus calculation examples for investment investments. Reading some articles gives you important insights and leads to better decisions.

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Represented nationwide with 46 office locations

You live in the greater Frankfurt area, but the most lucrative return property for you is in Berlin or Munich? You have the “gold piece” on Main, Isar or Spree, and a top investor or buyer from Hamburg or Düsseldorf is looking for it?

E1 partners on site bring supply and demand together. E1 offices and franchises are already working at 46 locations throughout Germany, and the trend is increasing. Their advantage is market knowledge.

Contact your partner!

Astrid Felder

Möhnesee office

Bernd Steidl

Office Berlin

Uwe Hinz

Office Hannover

Alexander Münch

Office Rheingau-Taunus

Steffen Voigt

Radebeul Office

Joachim B. Müller

Osnabrück Office

Gökay Gündüz

Office Dortmund

Siegfried Ockenfuß

Office Renchen

Helmut Dick

Office Sweet

Real estate financing

Making dreams come true: We are paving the way!

As a builder, you need the necessary financing for your home? As an investor, are you looking for additional funds for large-scale projects?

E1 builds the bridge to the donors – for business goals, for private dreams. E1 has top contacts with financial service providers, be it for classic home bank loans or building savings offers or special solutions such as private equity or mezzanine.

Secure funding now!

Joint transactions

Are you a broker? Together we achieve more!

Let’s combine our stocks. We offer our clients a wider range of real estate. Together, we can get to deals faster. Because we may have just the right prospect for your property – or you may have the buyer for ours!

Each shared commission is better than no commission. In off-market business, cooperation is essential.

Ask for cooperation now!

Real estate investments

Buy shares. Benefit from yields!

Whether as a private investor or investor: With E1, you invest in real estate real estate companies. You don’t have to manage big projects on your own. Participate in companies that build, operate or purchase real estate.

Buy shares in the company and benefit from the proceeds!

Participate in investments now!

Fill in the purchase profile, secure benefits

Non-market properties are very popular and require maximum freedom of action. We bring together suppliers and investors carefully and without detours and accompany them in the settlement. The search profiles we offer for private and institutional investors enable us to offer properties in a very targeted and pre-examined manner. At Off Market Real Estate, we only talk directly to sellers and investors or their legal brokers. Immediate contact and information flow should be available at any time in a short time.

10 reasons for E1 !

E1 International Investment Holding offers you many advantages in cooperation. Whether you are looking for an investment in Berlin, Erfurt, Mannheim, Dortmund, Heidelberg or Munich: We are represented on site with a uniform marketing strategy. Our brokers work hand in hand. Through joint transactions, we can successfully offer fast transactions to potential customers. Trustworthiness and confidentiality are part of the obvious behaviour of our franchise partners. The cross-regional cooperation of experienced managing directors is fruitful and favours targeted processes.


Worldwide network

Our E1 Investment Holding brings together established real estate offices at more than 40 locations in Germany, from Berlin-Charlottenburg to Frankfurt and Hamburg to Hanover and Wiesbaden. We manage our data bank with our partner Zoho.eu.


Strong references

So far, numerous transactions have taken place with a transaction volume in the three-digit
Millions of range. The lion’s share was in off-market real estate, in which E1 Holding is particularly specialized.


Absoulute Discretion for Owner and Investor

It is not uncommon for properties to change hands without having previously been offered on the open market. Your personal data is stored with us without any concerns and will be treated strictly confidentially.


Strong 150 man Team Germany

E1 stands for an association of various real estate agenciesspread over the entire federal territory. All are connected by a license and as a brand.

Represented nationwide

With over 40 E1 real estate offices

Whether the purchase and sale of real estate or free real estate valuation + the respective city, we are at your side with our excellently trained real estate professionals as brokers and intermediaries at all times competently and solution-oriented.

E1 Plus - CRM

Own Real Estate Matching Tool

With the cooperation Fiverr.com we have access to the world’s best freelancers in the field of PHP programming. Every day we work on the development of our software of additional modules and are far from finished here when it comes to individual functions.

Safe contract

Quarterly update of our contracts and forms

For years, the law and notary’s office Much, Busch and Eslam in Wiesbaden has been looking after us. New judgments and jurisprudence will be examined and, in the event of a need for amendment, all contracts and forms will be legally adapted.

International performance

Investors in Germany & abroad are welcome.

We also support numerous owners from abroad with the sale of your property, as we serve more than 120,000 registered customers internationally. In our team we speak German, English, Russian, Spanish, French, Turkish,etc.

Successful since 2007

We constantly adapt to the requirements

https://www.e1-holding.com/uber-uns/2011 marks a turning point in the company’s successful history. Since then, E1 has focused exclusively on the settlement of capital investments. One of the largest German freight forwarders was one of our first major customers. And today? We are specialists in the off-market sector.

SEO Optimization

On Page, Off Page, technical optimization are not foreign words

Every day new objects and numerous investor enquiries would not be possible without search engine optimization. Through our cooperation with Textbroker.de, we inform our interested parties about the real estate industry.

Press releases

Agency law from December 2020

Agency law from December 2020 What do real estate agents have to pay attention to from 23.12.2020? For information for our brokers and E1 licensees: Shortly before Christmas, there was a change in the brokercommission commission: the new law on brokerage commission from 23 December 2020 was already adopted by the German Bundestag in June

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Sell Residential Properties

Real estate market Boomt

E1 Holding expands with 3 further Locations 2 x Berlin and 1x Cologne E1 Holding expands with three other locations Despite Corona, the real estate market is booming, and E1 Holding continues to grow successfully. In Germany, three new locations are now added to the existing 43 locations. Two of them are located in Berlin,

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Topic End-of-year business in real estate

Topic End-of-year business in real estate

Topic End-of-year business in real estate End-of-year business real estate End-of-year business real estate – High Noon for real estate agents, investors and property owners It is well known that, in terms of average annual turnover, most transactions take place on the real estate market around the turn of the year. This applies to both

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Пузырь недвижимости Германия

Real estate bubble Germany

Real estate bubble Germany Threatens a Massive Crash? Property prices in Germany have increased significantly in recent years. After the global housing crisis just over a decade ago, fears are once again being raised that there could be a housing bubble in Germany. Experts warn that in many regions of our country, house and condominium

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Когда ловушки цены на недвижимость

When traps real estate prices

When do real estate prices fall? The real estate market follows different rules The real estate market follows different rules from the markets of other products. Who simply refers to the law of supply and demand in response to the question “When do real estate prices fall?” definitely falls short. For example, the real estate

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Find real estate agents

Find real estate agents A small detached house Buy or sell a small detached house or condominium – the easiest and safest way to do this is through the mediation of a local real estate agent. You can find the best real estate agent if you make a thorough comparison in advance. Check (,) the

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Агенты по недвижимости Вакансии
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