FAQ / How to user E1 CRM

E1 Plus is designed specifically for the international investment property market, with the task of matching investors and property sellers.

Similar platforms are available on the market from providers such as Global Recom, 7 Plus Club, KPMG Matching, Offmade, etc.
E1 Plus is a platform that has been developed from practical experience. The trust with our existing clients and business partners, who receive offers in the million segment, has been continuously strengthened since 2007 and the network grows continuously every week.
Based on the most important key data, you can anonymously check the interest on the market and confirm the transaction at the desired time and until then you are completely anonymous. Internationally, thousands of investors are deposited with your purchase profile, so that you can target your offer very discreetly through automation. Furthermore, you can accept or reject marketing by other existing estate agents without having to place an exclusive order.
The deposited buyers are real estate investors who are looking for attractive apartment buildings, office buildings, shopping centres, project developments, plots of land, hotel properties, medical centres, nursing care properties, etc. internationally through E1 Plus.
We recommend marketing consumer properties such as single-family homes, flats, etc. via public property portals, as this target group actively searches for a property for a maximum of 3-6 months. Exceptions are units that are rented out and sold as an investment.
We recommend that you change the title and description of your search profile under "My search profiles" so that the owner can read the note that you are searching for your clients when making an enquiry via your search profile.
First of all, we recommend that you save the customer as a contact in the "Contacts" menu area. Then add a search profile to the contact and save it. Then also click on the menu item "My search profiles" and click on the red "Matches" button next to the search profile for the desired client. The system then shows you all applicable properties. Now send a request for matching properties by clicking on "Send Proposal". Now the owner has received the request and will read the search profile description and contact you if he is interested in this transaction. Once you have an accepted transaction, you can identify the client by the search profile ID in the email and offer them the property.
You can refine or delete your search profile at any time under "my search profiles". It is important that you create a maximum of one search profile for one client so that there are no overlaps. In addition to sending out offers, you can cancel newsletters separately. If you are active as a matchmaker or are only looking for buyers as an owner, you can delete your search profile.
As soon as a prospective buyer clicks on Accept, you will receive the contact details of the E1 Plus user who entered the investor or the property. In E1 Plus, click on "matched search profile proposals" in the search profiles menu or on "matched property proposals" and filter all accepted transactions by search: Accepted (green) - Now you see. That contact details are visible for accepted transactions. Before forwarding property documents and addresses, we recommend that you have the client sign an expression of interest. If you don't have a template, you can find them on www.e1-holding.com in any language under Downloads and via the DeepL access on the start page you will find the frequently used issue with 5% net.
You only need the professional plan if you, as an estate agent, are marketing several properties or if several purchase profiles / investors have been stored in the system. With the professional plan you can send 100 exposés each entered property. In the free plan max 3,000 offers and in the professional plan there is no limit.
Compared to Professional, the system sends out the next 100 proposals for each of your property every day automatically , so that you can concentrate fully on the sale. The Expert user receives a location page from E1 Holding as a broker under locations on www.e1-holding.com and his own email inbox with @e1-investments.com. Thus, the rate of feedback is much higher, as you also have access to the previous correspondence of the last 10 years. This allows you to take note of a client and their actions in the past to avoid unnecessary loss of time.
In the Lifetime Package, you have a monthly server fee (currently 79 EUR) in addition to a one-off payment. If you are now active as a Gold Partner for 3.5 years, you have paid Platinum once and then pay on top. Therefore, we recommend that everyone who understands the idea and concept of E1 Plus and understand the added value, we recommend the Lifertime package. Many start as Gold and later switch to Platinum as soon as the first deal is closed.
The platform is developed and expanded through the revenue generated by paid users. Free use in its current form is for a lifetime and is completely non-binding.
All users currently have the opportunity to secure lifetime conditions during development by joining early. The prices will be adjusted according to the number of investors, properties, brokers as well as the number of transactions. We therefore recommend all users who find the concept and the added value good and useful to upgrade before the regular prices become valid.
Visit E1 Plus daily, select a property under "All properties" and click on Matches. Then click on the red button to send 100 proposals. Now 100 more existing customers have received the offer from us and as soon as our customer clicks on Accept Offer, you will receive an email with the heading "Accepted Transaction". In it you will now find the contact details for the owner. Now call up the transactions in the E1 Plus system under Properties or Search Profiles and search for Accepted Transactions. For All Accepted Transactions, the contact details of the buyer are now visible in the system. Your task is now to send the Expression of Interest to the potential buyer to complete. We recommend that you use the Expression of Interest at www.e1-holding.com.
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